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United States

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By: Jan Sheets Posted on Wed, Sep 1 2010 12:54 PM

I have wanted to join for a long time.  I just joined today.  I live in East Tennessee in the Blueridge/Smoky mountains area.  Been quilting 8 yrs, sewing since age 5.

By: mshimmel Posted on Wed, Sep 1 2010 12:44 PM
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Went up to the top of the list and clicked on edit tab, scrolled down to the bottom of my state and it let me add my name then I clicked save and was posted!

By: Barbara Posted on Wed, Sep 1 2010 8:33 AM

I've noto been able to add my name to the North Dakota list, either.  Have tried several times, following your instructions, and nothing happens.

By: blanketsbycarol Posted on Tue, Aug 31 2010 12:26 PM

I just joined and not sure how to contact anyone .I have my own business making throws and quilts I make a lot of tee shirt blankets for all over the us. I love to try new blocks that are quick and easy. I would love to here form some one.  thanks Carol

By: krhodd Posted on Tue, Aug 31 2010 12:05 PM

karen r. from meriden,ks

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