• Re: Just wondering? What is the oldest UFO you have?

    The oldest of my projects is from the 1940's. I purchased the top on ebay and plan on quilting it someday they called it Rolling Stone pattern and it has the date 1942 pinned to it: Then my Granny gave me a quilt top to finish, she probably pieced it late 1970's early 1980's. I have finished two of her tops so far - one I kept, one I gave
    Posted to Quiltmaking (Forum) by Jenia on Mon, Apr 7 2014
  • Can we blog without Premium Membership?

    I'm curious if my blog will disappear if I don't renew my membership which expires tomorrow. Money is really tight at the moment, and I would like to support QCA but will have to wait until later to do so. Perhaps when my budget is more balanced the site will be working better also. So will my blog disappear, or can I still participate in that
    Posted to QCA Premium & (Forum) by Jenia on Tue, Mar 18 2014
  • Having fun with sewing storage

    When I begin a collection I tend to obsess about it. I am constantly searching for the new (old) thing. I browse ebay and go to estate sales and garage sales. I become immersed in the new object of desire. I am always checking out all kinds of places to find my new obssession. Hello, my name is Jenia and I am a collector of vintage sewing boxes. It's
    Posted to kingjenia's Blog (Weblog) by Jenia on Thu, Mar 13 2014
  • Re: Buy patterns to save for later?

    Oh yes, buy them now. Just having them on hand will give you motivation to try something different and more difficult than you are used to. Also, how disappointed would you be if you tried to find them later and could not locate them. I have stockpiled quite a few cool patterns I know will take me years to attempt. But I am so looking forward to picking
    Posted to Ask Quilting Questions Here (Forum) by Jenia on Fri, Mar 7 2014
  • Eye Candy for the Calorie Conscious Quilter

    AAAARRRG...didn't realize until now these all posted upside down, on the ipad they always look fine. When I come and look from work, it's all messed up. I will fix this asap, probably tomorrow (2-25-2014). I am fairly new to Las Cruces, and new to quilting. I don't have many local friends and I have yet to join any quilting group or guild
    Posted to kingjenia's Blog (Weblog) by Jenia on Sun, Feb 23 2014
  • Re: Red and white chevron fabric

    I would love to purchase all 3 yards, if it hasn't already been sold. Do you take paypal? What service do you use for shipping?
    Posted to Quilter's Marketplace (Forum) by Jenia on Fri, Feb 21 2014
  • Foiling for quilt label?

    Has anyone used foiling for their quilt label? I saw this at a local quilt show and thought it would be a great way to label quilts. You use a glue-type pen and can really sign your name and write other information, then you take a piece of foil and rub it over the hand-written message. The typical use for this stuff is t-shirt designs. The foil and
    Posted to Quiltmaking (Forum) by Jenia on Thu, Feb 20 2014
  • Quilter's Guild for shy people or beginners?

    I went to a local quilt show over the weekend. I didn't even know there would be one here in my home town until I drove past our convention center Saturday. Well, they were there Sunday as well, so I got the opportunity to go to my first quilt show! The show was put on by the local quilting guild another surprise to me. I didn't know we had
    Posted to kingjenia's Blog (Weblog) by Jenia on Tue, Feb 18 2014
  • Re: Need suggestions on quilt lining up print

    I like the way it lines up along the bottom as pictured. I assume you can do the same for the top? What about turning the fabric on the sides so that the crosses are horizontal on the sides? I assume this part will hang off the edge of a bed? I think it would look really pretty with the crosses facing sideways at the side edge.
    Posted to Quiltmaking (Forum) by Jenia on Fri, Feb 14 2014
  • Every Which Way On Display!

    A few months ago I mentioned here that I was accepted as a finalist (1 of 30) for the Grand Central Terminal Quilting Challenge. This was my very first contest, only my 4th quilting project, and a very big long shot to be even chosen. I am still in shock and almost disbelief. But there I was, my little quilt shown next to the masterpieces, it's
    Posted to kingjenia's Blog (Weblog) by Jenia on Mon, Feb 10 2014
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