• Re: I'm struggling today . . . Cried myself to sleep last night.

    To all of you that have had these same or similar family problems I want to say: Hang in there! I worked with ministers for many years and they often said : "You can't choose your family but you do choose your friends." Family doesn't have to fit into the catagory of friends. I have 8 brothers and sisters. Some I like, some I don't
    Posted to Off Topic (Forum) by Caryl on Wed, Jan 2 2013
  • Re: Do you square up panels before adding borders, etc?

    Regarding panels: I do a heavy spritz and let them dry without stretching. I then press them (not so much iron...) then I measure and assess the panel. Did it straighten on it's own? Sometimes it the way that it was on the bolt or hanging in the store. If it is off a little, a border sometimes is all it needs, othertimes I try to find a place that
    Posted to Ask Quilting Questions Here (Forum) by Caryl on Wed, Jan 2 2013
  • Re: Weight loss challenge! 2013 New Years Resolution.

    Patti, that's a wonderful idea to help us all just keep aware of the things we eat. I'll join your group. I exercise 2 days a week (1 hr. sit down stuff at a time). I'm working on a shoulder rehab and need the extra incentive to get my behind out of that chair. Walking is good so I will make a concentrated effort to do more. Numbers aren't
    Posted to Off Topic (Forum) by Caryl on Sat, Dec 29 2012
  • Re: Secret Santa - 2012

    Ms MoomMist, I was looking at some Dec. mail and saw the pics of your kids with Santa. What is the breed? They look so lovely in their coats. I have a Carin Terrier and she'd go crazy dressing her. She even hates the bows the groomer puts in her hair and the scarf around her neck. Want to thank you here for the SS box of goodies. They are a great
    Posted to Off Topic (Forum) by Caryl on Wed, Dec 12 2012

    My package went out a day early! It had to go a little north and take a left and then a right and than....oops that would give it away. Anyway the person getting mine...I forgot to send a card in the box. Hope you enjoy a little bit of everything. Caryl in Buda
    Posted to Off Topic (Forum) by Caryl on Fri, Dec 7 2012
  • Re: What Are You Up to Today? #6

    Max, Our Bee did a session on the color book style of blocks and we found the type of colors you mentioned to be the easiest to work with, but many like the various shading that the good ole Crayola brand has. They also tested ater ironing and soaking the piece. These two items for color stayed well for several rising/ironing dry times. We didn't
    Posted to Off Topic (Forum) by Caryl on Sat, Nov 24 2012
  • Re: What Are You Up to Today? #6

    It certainly sounds like you all have had a great holiday with family and friends. We had a quiet day on Thursday. We got a new 55" TV and sound system so everyone enjoyed watching the parade and lots of football. We even got in a movie on the screen before we were finished for the day. I've been coming on and reading some items, but found
    Posted to Off Topic (Forum) by Caryl on Fri, Nov 23 2012
  • Xmas by Nancy Halvorsen

    I started this panel just before having a shoulder replaced in August 2011 and found it to be to intricate for my arm movements. It was put in my PHD box and taken out recently to try again. I think I was successful at getting it ready for Christmas 2012.
    Posted to Craftycaryl's Gallery (MediaGallery) by Caryl on Fri, Nov 2 2012
  • Re: Does anyone use a Quilt Back with Muslin?

    You probably know by now that we all have used good quality muslin for projects. On the other side of the coin...we must have tried the cheaper, lower quality muslin to know this. So if information is your goal you got some good feed back. I have not used it as a backing. I have seen some quilts done with it and found we judged the quilting persons
    Posted to Ask Quilting Questions Here (Forum) by Caryl on Thu, Nov 1 2012
  • Re: Its official im crazy

    Your not crazy, just a little demented! It's a wonderful idea and I know you will love it and the feeling of helping someone else when it's done. When I am making quilts for another group or individual I find myself thinking of them and giving small prayers as I go along with the quilt top. It just seems to personalize it more and make it seem
    Posted to Off Topic (Forum) by Caryl on Thu, Oct 18 2012
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