• Re: To wash or not to wash the Great debate

    I tried to pre-wash when I got started a few months back, but the strings of fury! THE HORRIBLE KNOTS! THE TERROR OF TANGLES! This idea sounds hopeful for the frightful fraying, but the wretched wrinkles still scare me. Like most of us, I buy all the fabric I can if it's a deal, meaning bolts of it. The wrinkles are so bad that I can't ever
    Posted to Share Your Tips (Forum) by Alexis B. on Mon, Sep 24 2012
  • Re: Help Finding a Sewing Table <$300

    Yes, Craigs List has sewing tables, sadly they all are very broken, old singer tables! I have yet to find a more modern option that has a good workspace. I could always just get a normal desk or table, but I really wanted it to be able to hold the sewing machine lower so it's flush with the rest of the table. I keep looking on Craigs, but haven't
    Posted to Ask Quilting Questions Here (Forum) by Alexis B. on Tue, Sep 18 2012
  • Help Finding a Sewing Table <$300

    Hi! I'm in the market for a sewing table that fits my disiblity fixed income budget! I've been shocked at how expensive sewing tables are, and have only found a few options that are under $300. I live in Vancouver, BC, but can pick stuff up from my sis in Portland if I need to. I just need it to be a table that's sturdy and hopefully big
    Posted to Ask Quilting Questions Here (Forum) by Alexis B. on Tue, Sep 18 2012
  • Re: Dear QCA admin...

    I was thrilled to discover this site as a new quilter, finding it a great buy...when it works. I have three different computers, have used IE and chrome and fire-fox, have tried to use different roots to get on the site from my favorites to multiple Google options, and have had on only about %60 of the time been able to get on the site. I have tried
    Posted to Report Web Site Issues Here (Forum) by Alexis B. on Mon, Sep 3 2012
  • LF Bargello Cutting Chart

    Hi! I'm working on a rainbow borgello (pics soon) and i have been searching not for a pattern, but just a simple chart that tells you what size strips to cut after sewing your strips into a tube. It would be such a huge help to not have to figure this part on my own, since it's making me nervous to just cut and try since I'm not exactly
    Posted to Quiltmaking (Forum) by Alexis B. on Thu, Aug 16 2012
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