Everyone's quilt is beautiful! So hard to pick just one favorite! Good luck to all and congratulations to all who got their quilt finished. I never got started, but this is definitely one on my to-do list! Thanks for another great mystery!!
    Posted to Mystery Quilt #10 (Forum) by txsueh on Wed, Oct 22 2014
  • Re: Step #7-Adding Borders

    Thanks to Rachel and Jen for Mystery Quilt #10. I've saved all the instructions and this is a quilt I really want to do. I wasn't able to sew along with you, but I checked in often to keep up with comments. Looking forward to seeing pics of everyone's quilts!
    Posted to Mystery Quilt #10 (Forum) by txsueh on Mon, Oct 13 2014
  • Re: confused: totaly

    Wanted to chime in here and give my opinion. I much preferred the old way of the Mystery Quilts and the photos posted in Media all together.
    Posted to Mystery Quilt #10 (Forum) by txsueh on Sat, Oct 4 2014
  • Re: Mystery Quilt Step #3- Making 4 Patch Units

    Roxana, thanks so much for providing a PDF. I'm also one of those who cannot see the diagrams on the Word document.
    Posted to Mystery Quilt #10 (Forum) by txsueh on Wed, Sep 17 2014
  • Re: Found You!

    Yes, I'm here. Not sure I'll be able to participate with everyone else, but I'll save the instructions. I don't normally purchase that much yardage at a time. I saw the yardage post for a smaller quilt and saved that, too.
    Posted to Mystery Quilt #10 (Forum) by txsueh on Sun, Sep 7 2014
  • Found You!

    I've been looking through the groups for Mystery Quilt #10 and found none. I just posted a picture of #9 in the media section of Mystery Quilt #9 group. Finally got it finished and on it's way to a new home. Looking forward to another mystery! Here's hoping I can keep up...probably not, but it's fun anyway!
    Posted to Mystery Quilt #10 (Forum) by txsueh on Mon, Sep 1 2014
  • Mystery Quilt #9 Finished

    Finally finished this.
  • Re: Peace Cottage Series

    [quote user="Kris"] From what I can tell there are only three parts to this project so a separate group might not be the best way to go if your don't get enough participation. You can do the project within a group that focuses on techniques used to make this quilt. If many of you have EQ and use it to recreate the quilt you could do it
    Posted to Quiltmaking (Forum) by txsueh on Fri, Dec 6 2013
  • Re: Peace Cottage Series

    [quote user="Judy T-Bellingham"] Don't know how many are interested so not sure if a separate group is needed? Not my area of expertise I'm afraid. I usually just go along to get along. ie: lazy. I did start the project in my EQ7 as the blocks seem to easier for me to understand. But can't guarantee how much time I'll put into
    Posted to Quiltmaking (Forum) by txsueh on Wed, Dec 4 2013
  • Re: Peace Cottage Series

    So, do we want to start a group under McCall's Quilting to share pics and adventures? I thought the quilt looked pretty good and thought I might be able to keep up with it. I think I have plenty of stash fabric for this. It could be done in different colorways, too.
    Posted to Quiltmaking (Forum) by txsueh on Wed, Dec 4 2013
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