• Does anyone know anything about making a quillow?

    I'm a beginner to sewing and quilting trying to become an overnight professional,lol.we received a quillow for my grandaughter's baby shower she used it till it fell apart at about 13 y/o.anyway it's a small blanket as used in preschool for naps with the top approx.half the width of the blanket you fold the blanket roll it up and push it
    Posted to Ask Quilting Questions Here (Forum) by pat on Mon, Dec 10 2012
  • Re: How do you make your quilt labels?

    i am new to sewing and quilting so just getting that down alone has been difficult there are some beautiful labels here as soon as i get this all figured all will start working on labels myself,some great ideas here ladies,sorry i've been gone so long and missed so much
    Posted to Ask Quilting Questions Here (Forum) by pat on Mon, Dec 10 2012
  • Re: my first quilting experience

    pics i hope by the end of the week,i'll have to learn about labeling,the books i've received have been very handy,and yes i'm becoming addicted,i found it helps my stress level just to get alone in my room with my material as i plan to do today,starting the day a bit stressed so to my sewing room i shall go
    Posted to Quiltmaking (Forum) by pat on Sun, Jun 17 2012
  • my first quilting experience

    i just finished my first top to my ly first quilt ever all thats left is the border and then for the hard part learning to do the backing but for a 1st try and so much help from all of you the front looks pretty good,i think i see a few mistakes but i'm sure i will get better with time as i already have several asking me to make them one,thanks
    Posted to Quiltmaking (Forum) by pat on Thu, Jun 14 2012
  • Just a quick thank you

    I just wanted to say a quick thank you to all the quilter's who have helped me really get started and on my way to quilting,you have all been so helpful,i'm spending alot of time reading on quilting and just got my room organized for sewing,so this weekend is all mine to spend in my new sewing room,with my music on low and my material all organized
    Posted to pathill1981's Blog (Weblog) by pat on Fri, Jun 1 2012
  • Re: Does your family think quilting is a waste of time....

    i am actually very surprised at my family,they have been more then supportive with me learning to quilt,in fact my DH is always looking for me material and supplies and my adult son has been more then helpful with my sewing building,of course i owe most of my thanks to my mentor and sister who really started me out getting interested in something besides
    Posted to Off Topic (Forum) by pat on Fri, Jun 1 2012
  • Re: Sewing Room & Learning Applique

    your quilts are beautiful and should be shown off even though i know you probably won't,i'm so proud of mine that you made,soon you can teach me app;ique if i ever get bk there,but now where will i sleep lol so proud of you and thanks for giving me courage to try in all things,ly
    Posted to Off Topic (Forum) by pat on Thu, May 31 2012
  • my new sewing building

    my son daughter-in-law and hubby worked to get me a sewing building and then repainted it and my son has got one side of it finished except for the windows,i'm so excited,he even went by barbara s ironing board except he decided to make me a little morre room so it lifts up and the legs fold up and it connects to the ceiling when not being used
    Posted to pathill1981's Blog (Weblog) by pat on Sun, May 27 2012
  • Re: I need help please

    ok here is my situation i live about 40 miles from the nearest walmart where i worked before i became disabled due to cancer,i do have a couple different size rotary's also given to me by my sister iin law and just figured out how to use it,lol,our town has about 311 population and they stopped broadband and dsl about a mile up the road from us
    Posted to Ask Quilting Questions Here (Forum) by pat on Mon, May 14 2012
  • Re: I need help please

    unfortunately i live way out in the country and there is only 1 wal-mart store around here that still sells material and other quilting items other then that everthing is over 100 miles ,i was lucky enough to receive a stash of material of all kinds from my 90 y/o sister-in-law who can no longer quilt and has dementia,the material would probably cost
    Posted to Ask Quilting Questions Here (Forum) by pat on Sun, May 13 2012
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