• Remembering the Roanoke Valley of Virginia

    A delectable mountains block quilt. Started in 1995 and completed in 2014. Machine pieced and quilted. Cotton fabric and thread. Wool batting. California king size. See my blog for more details.
    Posted to jrssews's Gallery (MediaGallery) by Jessica on Sun, Jun 29 2014
  • Re: Hand quilting questions?

    Marge, I too use the Gutterman 100% cotton quilting weight thread. I always pull my thread through bees wax as well. I have quilted a queen size quilt on a frame that sits in my lap. There is a little platform that holds the hoop. The hoop can be tilted and turned to suit your best quilting direction. I enjoy using this frame in cold weather. In warm
    Posted to Ask Quilting Questions Here (Forum) by Jessica on Sun, Jun 29 2014
  • Delectable finish

    The quilt is done! Now I'm just waiting to get two tall men to hold it up so that I can check the straightness of the hanging sleeve. I will make photos while it is being held up. After that will be sewing down the sleeve, washing, and drying. Picked up the open show entry form for the Boone County IN 4-H fair on Friday.
    Posted to jrssews's Blog (Weblog) by Jessica on Sun, Jun 29 2014
  • Delectable Pinning

    The quilt is finally pinned! My least favorite part of making a quilt. It took several days, a few hours each day. My pinning set up is this. I tape a folding sewing grid onto our dining table. On top of that I lay my largest cutting mat. This way I can get an edge that will hold bulldog clips on all four sides. Next I center the quilt back on the table
    Posted to jrssews's Blog (Weblog) by Jessica on Tue, May 20 2014
  • Delectable Back

    Due to a baby boom in the family I've been knitting blankets furiously. Yesterday it rained all day, so no playing in the dirt for me. Instead I played in the sewing room and pieced together the back for Delectable Mountains. Over the winter I had made extra DM blocks to use in the back. These modern quilters, most escpeically Virginia Findlay Wolfe
    Posted to jrssews's Blog (Weblog) by Jessica on Thu, May 15 2014
  • Delectable Mountains Top

    The quilt top is completed! Last week I worked on piecing parts of the quilt back. This week I spent almost all my sewing room time starching and ironing the backing fabrics. For me this is absolutel the most boring part of making a quilt. Thank goodness for recorded books! It is hard for me to iron "mindfully" for days on end. I hope to get
    Posted to jrssews's Blog (Weblog) by Jessica on Sun, Mar 2 2014
  • Delectable Decisions

    I worked on the concentric block arrangement of delectable mountains this week. It has morphed from two twins into one queen. This happened because I noticed serious damage on the quilt that is currently on our bed. It has seen consistent cold weather use for almost 15 years. I quilted it by hand. Anyway, now I'm trying to decide whether to put
    Posted to jrssews's Blog (Weblog) by Jessica on Sun, Feb 9 2014
  • Delectable Discovery

    The extreme cold had me searching my UFO's again. Stir Crazy! I found a box of Delectable Mountain quilt blocks (started in a Star Quilt Guild of Roanike, VA class taught by Kay Anderson in 1993). I remember at that time 1950"s retro fabric was popular. These blocks are in floral prints of pink and black. If I ever get them into a top, I'll
    Posted to jrssews's Blog (Weblog) by Jessica on Sat, Feb 1 2014
  • Confetti back for Baby Bunnies

    Saw this pattern in a magazine and HAD to make it for the back of this quilt. Just for fun. 2013
    Posted to jrssews's Gallery (MediaGallery) by Jessica on Thu, Jan 16 2014
  • Baby Bunnies front view

    This is the front of a quilt my grandchildren and I made for a new family member. My granddaughter drew the faces on the bunnies and embroidered three of them. My grandson pieced the borders.
    Posted to jrssews's Gallery (MediaGallery) by Jessica on Thu, Jan 16 2014
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