• Re: Introduce Yourself

    Welcome Karen: I found that in paper piecing I cut my pieces a bit bigger than what is needed to cover the shape on the pattern. If cutting instructions are included in the pattern, I still add about 1/8 to 1/4 inch to allow for "slippage" What is hard for me is to remember to pin on the pattern side and not on the fabric, so sometimes I put
    Posted to Paper Piecing Group (Forum) by Lola B on Mon, Jan 14 2013
  • Re: Introduce Yourself

    Good luck with that. Husbands have a way of not noticing things, he probably doesn't even know you have moved your sewing there - unless of course it is in front of the television. lol
    Posted to Paper Piecing Group (Forum) by Lola B on Tue, Jan 8 2013
  • Jinny Beyer project

    Read about the paper piecing group starting Jinny Beyer's Moonglow next year and there was a free pattern download. I have been a member of this group for a while, but still having a lot of difficulty navigating through. Where can I find this pattern to download? I think I will be interested in starting this project.
    Posted to Introduce Yourself! (Forum) by Lola B on Wed, Nov 28 2012
  • Re: To wash or not to wash the Great debate

    I used to be one of those that pre-washed every scrap of fabric. also had issues with it tangling, especially when I had many yards to wash. I would only partially dry, then go to the ironing board and press the fabric dry. A LOT of time was spent on this. Then several years ago I started several Stack-n-Whack quilts, using Bethany Reynolds patterns
    Posted to Share Your Tips (Forum) by Lola B on Thu, Aug 16 2012
  • Re: Slipping foot pedal

    I used this on carpet before I had hardwood floors installed. Works fine for carpet and for solid surface floors. My mother had purchased one of the holders for the fott pedal, and this stuff works just as well.
    Posted to Share Your Tips (Forum) by Lola B on Thu, Jul 26 2012
  • Re: Fat Quarter storage

    Costgo sells the spring garden lettuce in clear plastic containers. I save these and they are the perfect size for storing fat quarters. Repurpose - recycle. Keeps them out of the land fill and keeps my fabric so happy.
    Posted to Share Your Tips (Forum) by Lola B on Sun, Jul 8 2012
  • Paper Piecing

    When copying my pattern onto the paper, I only make one copy on regular printer paper. i then take the paper made for paper-piecing, staple it to the printed page and take it to my machine. After unthreading the machine, I then sitch on the lines to make my pattern. This may take a bit longer than just making printer copies, but it saves ink, AND having
    Posted to Share Your Tips (Forum) by Lola B on Sat, Jun 23 2012
  • Re: Introduce Yourself

    My first attempt at paper piecing was a Carol Doaks star (the Virginia Star) from her book 50 fabulous stars. That is a good place to start, and I reccommend selecting a star with fewer pieces (there are some that have 120 or more} and be sure to read the instructions thoroughly. I had help from my sister who had done paper piecing before, so check
    Posted to Paper Piecing Group (Forum) by Lola B on Sun, Jun 10 2012
  • Re: New sewing machine

    Just a side note on buying sewing machines: The ones carried by Wal-Mart, although a lot cheaper, are not made as well as the ones carried by the sewing machine dealers. Not made to last, although I have one 'cause it was an emergency purchase when my 52 year old Kenmore was in the shop for a tune-up. It is lightweight and i can easily carry it
    Posted to Share Your Tips (Forum) by Lola B on Thu, Jun 7 2012
  • Re: Cutting fabric precisely

    Susie, I have had several types of cutting mats, but I like the Omnigrid best. At JoAnns with the coupon it is well worth the price. I have a large one for that fits on my kitchen island that is perfect for cutting out a project. I have a smaller one for quick cuts of smaller pieces, and an even smaller one that fits on the edge of my sewing table for
    Posted to Share Your Tips (Forum) by Lola B on Wed, Jun 6 2012
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