• Norse Star

    This is my with my "Norse Star" quilt. I had been planning a graduation quilt for my nephew for some time, but the demands of a house filled with DIY projects delayed it for more than a year. Plus I had not finished the graduation quilt for his older brother (for the same reasons). So when I had an opportunity to do a mystery quilt at my guild's
    Posted to Gramz's Blog (Weblog) by Gramz Quilts on Sun, Dec 23 2012
  • for Bella

    A cousin offered to pay me to do a "retro" quilt in pink and aqua for her daughter's youth bed. I offered to do one free if she picked fabrics from my stash so I posted pics on FB of fabrics for her approval. She wasn't crazy about them and wanted softer colors. She was in the process of moving and has been understandably way too busy
    Posted to Gramz's Blog (Weblog) by Gramz Quilts on Thu, Aug 9 2012
  • Denim blues

    Yesterday out of the blue: DS, age 13: I am out of shorts. I mean I have only one pair of shorts that fit. This pair. These are the only ones that fit me anymore. These are the ONLY ones I wear. Me: So why are all those other shorts in the laundry? DS: Because I tried them on and they don't fit. I decided to save my reply for another day. So today
    Posted to Gramz's Blog (Weblog) by Gramz Quilts on Wed, Aug 8 2012
  • Go Fish wins

    OMGoodness! I am so excited! Tonight, my "Go Fish" quilt placed first among 15 made during a special challenge by my quilt guild. The challenge was, using the fat quarter provided (the darkest fabric pictured above), make a child size quilt with a "Childrens' Games" theme. I found the fishing pole fabric at a resale shop and
    Posted to Gramz's Blog (Weblog) by Gramz Quilts on Wed, Jul 11 2012
  • When you gotta go...

    We haven't traveled much; outside the US, that is. But we did travel twice to Russia. We were in the process of adopting a beautiful girl and we were excited to get to finally meet her. First we had an eleven hour flight to Moscow which was followed by eight hours of sightseeing. I don't know who's big idea it was to put jet-lagged, bleary
    Posted to Gramz's Blog (Weblog) by Gramz Quilts on Sun, Jul 8 2012
  • It was an emergency

    To the lone guy in the men's room at the beach, so sorry I startled you when I rushed in the door. It really was an emergency and the ladies room had a looooong line; besides, my DH went in first and gave me the go ahead so I assumed the room was empty. Believe me, I was as surprised to see you as you were to see me. And to the guy who was doing
    Posted to Gramz's Blog (Weblog) by Gramz Quilts on Sat, Jul 7 2012
  • Coffee Rant

    C-o-f-f-e-e, coffee is not for me, It's a drink some people wake up with, That it makes them nervous is no myth, Slaves to a coffee cup, they can't give coffee up. Those are the lyrics to a childrens folk song I learned in grade school. (I tried to find the author to give credit here, but the best I can do is give you the website at which I
    Posted to Gramz's Blog (Weblog) by Gramz Quilts on Sun, Jun 24 2012
  • Thrift Store Valet

    I spotted an ugly valet at the thrift store yesterday. Since I was riding my bicycle and they wouldn't hold it for me, I hoped it would still be available this morning when I had my car. Lucky for me it was still there. It really was hideous. The wood tray and legs were in remarkably good condition. Unfortunately, all the shiny brass was discolored
    Posted to Gramz's Blog (Weblog) by Gramz Quilts on Thu, May 17 2012
  • Progress, of a sort

    Lying in bed and thinking about getting up to do yard work before the sun gets hot like yesterday, our thoughts were interrupted by a loud and long roll of thunder. We sprang out of bed to get as much work accomplished as is possible before the rain began in earnest. While DH mowed, I cleaned up my mess from yesterday's gardening and weeded the
    Posted to Gramz's Blog (Weblog) by Gramz Quilts on Sat, May 12 2012
  • show-and-tell

    I joined my quilt guild about one year ago because I wanted to be around real people who share my love of quilting and to learn from sources other than tv, books, and my computer; at that first meeting I showed a couple of projects I had recently completed. Soon after, we bought this fixer-upper house and I had to pack up my quilting "studio"
    Posted to Gramz's Blog (Weblog) by Gramz Quilts on Wed, May 9 2012
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