• Re: 2011 Pacific NW quilt retreat?

    I've been reading/watching your adventures all week. If the pictures are anything to go by, looks like fun was had by all. Icing on the cake so to speak, was how productive you were at the same time. Thanks for sharing.
    Posted to Quiltmaking (Forum) by Libby on Fri, Oct 7 2011
  • Re: baltimore album quilt

    I don't know Linny, I think you have this handwork down to a fine art already. I've seen your work, if that is without the thimble, you are certainly doing something right. I can only wish my handwork looks like that with or without that silly little thimble.
    Posted to Applique Club (Forum) by Libby on Sat, Feb 19 2011
  • Re: baltimore album quilt

    [quote user="gini"] it is just a matter of getting used to it. sometimes i jab my finger because i forget i don't have it on. i do a bit of quilting in the car, and i can't tell you how many restaurants i have worn it into, because i forgot i was still wearing it. gini [/quote] I read an article many more years ago than I care to remember
    Posted to Applique Club (Forum) by Libby on Sat, Feb 19 2011
  • Re: Super Bowl - anyone a fan?

    Rhonda, it is much more insane now. My brother moved to Punxsy a few years ago. He couldn't believe the fuss over Phil and the ceremony. I am surprised he hasn't been escorted out of town because he's pretty vocal about the "holiday". I visited there a couple of years ago and could not believe the way the city is decked out, and
    Posted to Off Topic (Forum) by Libby on Mon, Feb 7 2011
  • Re: Very Sad News

    Barbara, sorry to hear of your loss. My prayers are with you. Libby
    Posted to Off Topic (Forum) by Libby on Sat, Feb 5 2011
  • Re: baltimore album quilt

    Hi Linny, the tutorial looks good. I think it will help me a lot while I begin my applique journey. The Baltimore Album quilt migh be further down the road, I am still playing with the snowmen blocks. Thanks for the help.
    Posted to Applique Club (Forum) by Libby on Sat, Jan 29 2011
  • Re: East Coast Get Together

    Posted to Off Topic (Forum) by Libby on Wed, Jan 5 2011
  • Re: Recieving post via email

    I have gotten few notifications for days. It is like the site is quiet -- no activity.
    Posted to Report Web Site Issues Here (Forum) by Libby on Tue, Jan 4 2011
  • Re: Applique Quilt Question

    Something like this I would pick up fabric here and there, a little at a time. Much more variety and you may never know where you'll find a piece that you have to have for the quilt.
    Posted to Ask Quilting Questions Here (Forum) by Libby on Tue, Dec 28 2010

    Kris, This is exactly what has been kicking about in my head. I think some of our blocks will be similar. It looks really nice. Libby
    Posted to Applique Club (Forum) by Libby on Thu, Dec 23 2010
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