• sleeves

    Hello out there! I have a "snow day" and plan to quilt all day. What a treat! I have a quilt finished and would like to temporarily hang it. Any tips about a sleeve?
    Posted to Pam's Blog (Weblog) by Pam on Thu, Feb 21 2013
  • Checkerboard game

    Does anyone have a good homemade gift idea for a male? I was thinking about a quilted checkerboard game. Does anyone have a pattern for this? It seems like it is something I can just sit down and do with strips, etc. Any other ideas out there for the 29-year-old son that already has a quilt from his mother? Thanks.
    Posted to Pam's Blog (Weblog) by Pam on Sun, Nov 20 2011
  • blind hem stitch

    Hello everyone, As I am new to this and slowly getting started I seem to be having a difficult time with a blind hem stitch on my machine (Bernina240). I am sewing together the Egg Money quilt and need to do quite a bit of blind hem stitching. On my practice pieces the stitch looks good and then when I stitch on the quilt block it looks tight and the
    Posted to Pam's Blog (Weblog) by Pam on Tue, Feb 1 2011
  • thread

    Hello Fellow Quilters! This is my first time to post anything on this site. I wanted to post to the comments about thread, needles,etc. post, but not sure how to do that. I learned a lot from there. I am somewhat new to quilting and there's more to it than I realized! It is a great way to relax and stay away from the frig! I made some cute Christmas
    Posted to QCA Community (Forum) by Pam on Sun, Dec 19 2010
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