• Retreat Bound!

    Ah -- retreat weekend! My first retreat with the Quiltessence Quilters and I am excited! They were snowed in last year and it looks to be close to the same this year as we watch yet another approaching storm due tonight! Ugh! I am looking for spring!!!!! Good things abound this week in so many areas! At work kids are being moved again to other rooms
    Posted to Dena's Doings (Weblog) by Dena on Fri, Feb 4 2011
  • MLK Day!

    Oops! Missed a week! So much going on in my personal and teaching sides it isn't even funny! I truly hope that my quilting side does not get neglected! My kids finished the freezer paper pieces for the double wedding ring quilt I need to have finished for May -- just have to glue the edges and put them together -- in the next couple of weekends
    Posted to Dena's Doings (Weblog) by Dena on Sat, Jan 15 2011
  • Re: Jo Morton (reproduction) quilt fabric for sale

    "Sometimes a dot is just a dot. It is not a polar bear in a snowstorm."
    Posted to Quilter's Marketplace (Forum) by Dena on Sat, Jan 1 2011
  • Happy New Year!

    It's January already! Can you believe it? Ate too much for dinner -- it amazes me that it takes longer to make the mashed potatoes than it does to eat the meal and clear the table. What's up with that? Well, one quilt is well under way -- still not looking forward to it with joy as it is a new technique and a pattern I have never done before
    Posted to Dena's Doings (Weblog) by Dena on Sat, Jan 1 2011
  • How's it going???

    Wow, I started this blog last year with such high hopes. Sigh. Well, it lasted for a month and a half and then life took over. Better luck in 2011? So many things have happened this year and I am looking forward to moving forward in the new year. I joined a quilters guild in April and have enjoyed myself a great deal with a couple of hours just for
    Posted to Dena's Doings (Weblog) by Dena on Wed, Dec 29 2010
  • Back in the swing?

    It's been a couple of weeks, but it has been a very busy and stressful couple of weeks. I was able to machine quilt the flag quilt for my stepson -- what a thrill that was! OMG! Who'da thunk it! I never would have thought I could do that on my machine, but there it is. I am really pleased with it -- only need to finish the binding on it -- MAYBE
    Posted to Dena's Doings (Weblog) by Dena on Sat, Feb 6 2010
  • more thoughts?

    Got the next issue of Quilter's Home today -- "30 Days to More Creativity"? Hmm -- I liked some of the ideas and have thoughts for future projects including applique (who'da thunk it?) of nature as well as a "Vision Board" quilt for me AND I thought I might have each of the kids in my class do their own vision board quilt
    Posted to Dena's Doings (Weblog) by Dena on Wed, Jan 20 2010
  • Re: Did you work on a quilt today?

    I WANTED to work on a quilt today -- I actually touched my tops that I wanted to work on -- however, hubby is building speaker cabinets and there is NO place for me to work -- will have to wait until tomorrow -- can't wait til he is done -- been doing this all week!
    Posted to Quiltmaking (Forum) by Dena on Sat, Jan 9 2010
  • more quilt pics

    I have to take my pics of the rest of my quilts to someone with a scanner, but these are the ones I "own" (the ones I did not make as gifts): "Signs of Autumn" -- sashing is quilted with sassafras leaves "Flannel Frenzy" - I did this to try the technique of quilting a block at a time and then putting them together This
    Posted to Dena's Doings (Weblog) by Dena on Sat, Jan 9 2010
  • ahh -- the weekend

    Finally it is the weekend! How nice is that! And only one more week until a 3 day weekend! My Christmas present from my hubby arrived this week and I can't wait to use it! He bought me a table that fits around my sewing machine giving me a 24" x 18" deck around it to support the quilt I am working on! I see straighter seams in my future
    Posted to Dena's Doings (Weblog) by Dena on Sat, Jan 9 2010
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