• Re: equipping your studio...

    About a week ago - I decided that ALL of my sewing stuff needed to be in the same space - so I have re-thought my 'studio' space downstairs. I have moved what was there around - so...when you get to the door way and face the the left on my Gracie ll frame, along the front wall, I have 4' folding tables for my serger and my Janome
    Posted to Quiltmaking (Forum) by Jan on Sun, May 16 2010
  • Re: equipping your studio...

    Just remember some electricians graduated in the top half of their class - and the rest - well guess that was your guy! It's amazing how they don't my last house, I had 2 hall lights on the second floor - one towards the front of the house - the other towards the back...guess what - we could not turn that light (back of the house
    Posted to Quiltmaking (Forum) by Jan on Fri, Apr 16 2010
  • Flyers are out!

    Flyers are out - well at least 2 - as 2 of our big box grocery stores have taken down their Community Bulletin Boards....the library was very receptive - and I do have a local business that will put my cards out (whoops - have to make those up!) Studio space is 99% ready - waiting for those calls to sign up for now the waiting begins
    Posted to JanPCT's Blog (Weblog) by Jan on Fri, Apr 2 2010
  • Sewing space on track!!!

    I have taken pictures - but alas - my computer has been so screwed up - I can't download any pics from my far - I have 3 'stations' set up - waiting for DH to attach a table top to a metal frame) once held a treadle machine), that would be the 4th. Bought bed risers to place under the legs of the IKEA dining table that I will
    Posted to JanPCT's Blog (Weblog) by Jan on Wed, Mar 24 2010
  • Blog #1!!!

    Ah yes - enter the world of cyberspace and blogging - what would my mom think??? I am new to this club - and hopefully will reap the benefits!! I can't wait to meet new folks and share ideas!! I hope to post often with the news of my new space taqing shape and kids coming to learn to quilt!!! Happy quilting to all - and welcome Spring!!! Jan in
    Posted to JanPCT's Blog (Weblog) by Jan on Thu, Mar 18 2010
  • Re: equipping your studio...

    Hi!! I am a newbie to this 'club'. I was able to take over a small bedroom for my true blue all mine sewing room!! I started out using 4' folding tables for my machines. I now have a couter top - cut to fit the space. I have a folding cutting table, and I bought a small buffet that I covered and use as my ironing surface. I have a 2 door
    Posted to Quiltmaking (Forum) by Jan on Thu, Mar 18 2010
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