• Progress!

    I've had no time to blog in a while--getting oriented to my new job is keeping me pretty busy--but I did want to share that I now have a small quilting corner set up in our basement. It's not ideal, but it's workable for now--and I don't have to put things away constantly. So far, I've dug out some "Oshkosh B'Gosh"
    Posted to maryg's blog (Weblog) by maryg on Fri, Oct 23 2009
  • Oh, No, where have I been?

    I'm having trouble believing that my last post was really as long ago as it was. It's been a busy month so far--but I've accomplished a lot. The BIG THING is that I finished my RN Refresher Course, after doing 108 hours of Clinical experience, and getting all of my theory ok'd--and I got a job! These are both big deals for me, both because
    Posted to maryg's blog (Weblog) by maryg on Fri, Sep 25 2009
  • Long time, no writing

    It's true--I can't believe I haven't written a post in a week! That will tell you how much progress I'm making on the home front--everything is just about where it was last week. I spent the entire week writing care plans, and finishing up the theory part of my refresher course, so that I could start the clinical experience part on Saturday
    Posted to maryg's blog (Weblog) by maryg on Mon, Aug 31 2009
  • Baby steps

    Over the weekend, we reorganized a large bookshelf, which had been in a small room we've designated as a "sitting room," in the upstairs of the house we're living in. (It used to be a bedroom, but serves well as a TV room/ study.) The bookshelf was on the back wall, though, with chairs and a table in front of it--hard to get to, hard
    Posted to maryg's blog (Weblog) by maryg on Mon, Aug 24 2009
  • UFOs

    When we thought about packing to move back to the U.S., I thought to myself, "Well, at least I don't have piles of unfinished projects. I've finished nearly everything I've ever started." I was pretty proud of myself. When we actually started packing, and I went through several cupboards where it was easy to stash stuff and never
    Posted to maryg's blog (Weblog) by maryg on Fri, Aug 21 2009
  • Quilting . . . not

    So, I have no progress to report on anything related to quilting--my maybe future sewing space is covered with nursing texts at the moment. But, if anyone is dying to know more about acid-base balance--or metabolic vs. respiratory acidosis--or why "Tom" collapsed after running a marathon and not drinking water--I'm the go-to person, at
    Posted to maryg's blog (Weblog) by maryg on Tue, Aug 18 2009
  • Work, work, study . . . and more work!

    Once again, a short little break here in my writing. We've been doing more major moving of furniture, this time in our bedroom. My husband really wanted to use the (beautiful) bedroom set his mother gave us. However, we already had a bedroom set (also beautiful, but in a more contemporary design than we would choose ourselve) in our bedroom. But
    Posted to maryg's blog (Weblog) by maryg on Sun, Aug 16 2009
  • Again, progress

    Finally, we're making some progress so I'll be able to quilt--by fall, I hope. (Does that sound like a long time to those who are able to work on projects every day? it does to me, since until June I truly did work on quilting projects every single day--but it's my current goal.) I've come across--and stashed for the moment--my boxes
    Posted to maryg's blog (Weblog) by maryg on Wed, Aug 12 2009
  • We're unpacking!

    I'm pretty excited--we're finally at the spot where we're unpacking some of the boxes we shipped from Europe. It's fun to see all these things again. Now, fitting them into this house may be a bit of a challenge--but I think I've passed the hopeless, "this will never work," stage, after the weeks of work we've put into
    Posted to maryg's blog (Weblog) by maryg on Mon, Aug 10 2009
  • Family Time

    It's picture time--during this last week, we've managed to enjoy our family all being together, even though it was for my Mother's funeral. This is a photo of all of our grandchildren, as of last November. (Aurora, #11, wasn't born until the end of March). I've gotten lots of teasing from my brothers about having to number them to
    Posted to maryg's blog (Weblog) by maryg on Sat, Aug 8 2009
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