• Re: Discussion and Questions re Step 5

    I am so far behind due to my work schedule but am determined to get caught up this weekend. I am really enjoying working on the small pieces as I have never attempted something this size before. Hope your husband is recovering well. Off to my sewing machine right now!
    Posted to Mystery Quilt #8 - City Streets (Forum) by SewFreak on Fri, Apr 19 2013
  • Re: has anyone tried the Shout Color Catchers?

    I use Shout Color Catchers all the time. I swear by them. I have also prewashed fabrics with bleed potential in Synthrapol, Retayne or Vinegar all of which work well.
    Posted to Ask Quilting Questions Here (Forum) by SewFreak on Mon, Apr 1 2013
  • Re: Introduce yourself please and WELCOME

    Hi! My name is Janet. I live in Milford Indiana and love to do mystery quilts so I thought I would give this one a try. I purchased a bright light green and brown print for my light and dark colors which coordinate with a modern looking floral print for my borders. I must now get busy on cutting everything out. I have been quilting about 15 years. My
    Posted to Mystery Quilt #8 - City Streets (Forum) by SewFreak on Sat, Mar 23 2013
  • Lenni!!!

    What I wouldn't give to have a longarm quilt machine. I have sooo.. many pieced tops that I have not gotten quilted. I'm sure there are others in the same boat as me. What a blessing this would be for me! Outside of winning the lottery, I will never have enough cash to purchase so winning one would be the berries. Thanks for the chance!
    Posted to JKArnett's Blog (Weblog) by SewFreak on Sat, Aug 4 2012
  • Hello Again!

    I have not been around for quite awhile. Life got kind of hectic and crazy but is much calmer now. At my last post my son graduated from police academy, college and then got married all in a 10-12 month period! He is now a enjoying a profession as a sheriff's deputy. I have continued quilting and sewing as that is what alleviates stress for me.
    Posted to JKArnett's Blog (Weblog) by SewFreak on Wed, May 2 2012
  • Quilting Software

    Hi! I am looking to buy some computer software for quilting. I'm a beginner to intermediate quilter with a lot more to learn. Can someone please advise me of what a beginning quilter should buy? What I want is a program that has several different blocks with templates and instructions for construction. I am trying to learn how to piece more accurately
    Posted to Quiltmaking (Forum) by SewFreak on Sun, Nov 15 2009
  • Hello!

    I haven't written lately as work has kept me extremely busy. My mother, twin sister and I finished piecing our mystery quilt projects. The mystery quilt project was created by my sister to keep all 3 of us gals connected last winter while mom was wintering in Florida. Mine uses soft greens, pinks and creams with a rose motif. I will post a picture
    Posted to JKArnett's Blog (Weblog) by SewFreak on Sat, Oct 24 2009
  • Quick Project

    Does anyone have an idea for a small project using charms, jelly rolls, turnovers, layer cakes or honeybuns? My neighborhood group of the American Sewing Guild has asked me to put together a program for our August meeting showing different ways to utilize these new cuts of fabrics. Several of the gals are new to quilting and sewing and do not know anything
    Posted to Ask Quilting Questions Here (Forum) by SewFreak on Wed, Jun 10 2009
  • Hello!

    I've been sewing since I was around 4 years old but quilting for only about 5 years. I have been working on perfecting my technigue by piecing traditional quilts. I have done a few sampler type quilts to try different blocks. I find I am improving even though it is slow going. I'm afraid I am a perfectionist which is not always a good thing
    Posted to Introduce Yourself! (Forum) by SewFreak on Mon, May 25 2009
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