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    Hi Tami, The first thing that came into my mind was an open oyster shell, with a pearl in it.You could make it in a small block and incorporate it somewhere in the quilt or larger as a focal point. Later once she is born take a picture of her face and make the pearl her face. Put that block on a pillow. I raised 4 girls and now I have a great grandson
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    I have trying to keep up with the posts, but haven't commented because I have been busy making a quilt for my four year old great-grandson who loves trains. Plus I have NO KITCHEN ...A total demo. They are working on new electrical, and waiting on new cabinets. When you are sewing who needs to eat anyway. LOL. I have been seeing some beautiful quilts
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    Susan, Just to give you an idea for your scraps. I have a few of the shoe box size plastic boxes. When I finish a project I cut small left over fabric into different size squares and strips. Whatever works. 2 1/2 , 3, 3 1/2 , 4 etc. I started out small. When I had too many of my 2 1/2 inch strips I divided into a box for solids and one for prints. I
  • Re: Did you work on a quilt today #10

    Its been so long since I have posted, but I have read along. Thea, I am going to post pictures [ finally] of those quilts I finished in 2014. On Dec. 30th I received a call from my oldest daughter whom I had not heard from in over 30 years. [ Long story ] . she had lost my address and phone # when she was here. I tried to find her but was unable. Anyway
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    Mel, don't worry about what others say or think. You have to do what you think is right. My husband died in '08 of bladder cancer [ due to taking Actos] . It has a lawsuit against them now because it has been proven to cause bladder cancer. I am not included in that because the only ones to really gain from that are the lawyers. What is done
  • Re: Step #7-Adding Borders

    Thanks Jen and Rachel, great pattern. I will be making it when I am able to quilt again. Still downsizing and can't focus on two things at the same time. Oh, and Thea, I am getting closer to taking pictures of my quilts. Almost time for Christmas so have to get it done. I had a rod put up in the family room and I put the rings with clips [that are
    Posted to Mystery Quilt #10 (Forum) by on Sun, Oct 12 2014
  • Re: Mystery Quilt Step #3- Making 4 Patch Units

    Thank you, thank you , Roxana I had hand printed the directions, then saw the diagrams didn't show. Being a visual person I like to see these. One other thing , am I the only one who puts the quanity in parenthesis? To me it makes it easier and faster to locate the quanity needed. Roxana keep up the good work ....we need you !
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    All I can say is I am having serious quilting withdrawel pains here. LOL I don't even see light at the end of the downsiziing tunnel yet. It wouldn't be so bad if I didn't move so slow. I have to look through everything before I can decide ...keep--give--trash. Papers , photos, this, that. Then reorganizing what I do keep. The good news
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    Thea, your qov is beautiful. For a long time I wanted a long arm , but now at my age I don't think I am ready to learn all that needs to be learned and since I got my new Bernina 750 which has a deeper throat it makes it easier. Also since I am also in the process of moving and don't know how much space I will have its not practical. I will
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    Just an update on my status.Not going to where we thought we were going in Ohio, but will be going somewhere. Just waiting for God to reveal his plans for us. Still in the process of downsizing so as to be ready. Some other things have occured to give us more time. So now will not be going until spring. I am so in withdrawel from lack of quilting, this
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