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When I quilt, I make sure my thread:
Matches the background fabric
Is variegated and matches the entire quilt
Matches a contrasting fabric
Matches a coordinating fabric
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ti2xguer » Bio

ti2xguer's Bio

I'm a housewife. My hubby is 20 years my senior. We have 2 children from his first marriage and I have 2. All 4 of our children along with my hubby have served or are currently in the Air Force. My daughter deployed on the 1st overseas for the 4th time and my 18 year old son is currently finishing up training to deploy in May or June. I am currently involved in the local Lutheran church's quilting endeavors. They are teaching me how to bind and tie quilts. I have been an heirloom seamstress and I love to make 18" doll clothes. I need to stay busy or I'll go nuts worrying over my kids....ahahahah


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