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I made my first quilt 21 years ago.  I have floated in and out of quilting as with my many other activities.  My current project is a new table quilt for kitchen table.  Using the traditional block pattern called BROKEN DISHES.  my DH doesn't think it's funny..       I however - think I'm hysterical.

I was in the IEQG for a few years back in the early 90's - Hi Girls!   I'm not a member of a guild at this time b/c the nearest guild meets on a Tues mid morning during my work hours.  That's a darn shame.  I would like to be part of a guild again.

I've been sewing since age 8 when my grandmother taught me how to make newspaper patterns and sew doll dresses on her machine.  At 13 I worked three paper routes to get the money to buy my first machine, an older black singer (electric)... which I still own (preserved).  I did a lot of french seams in those days.  In high school my home-ec teacher refused to grade all 17 of my projects for the first semester because she didn't have time AND she down graded a surprise bathrobe from an A to a B when I brought it back in and made football shaped gussets for underarm comfort for my grandmother after Christmas.  Seriously, how could I have known that I needed those gussets before I gave it to my grandmother....  IT WAS A SURPRISE GIFT and I took my best guess at her size.  I should have been up graded to an A+ for my inventiveness!!!

clearly I'm not over it.

Machines:  Old singer, White-Elna, BabyLoc Blind Hemmer, and.... I am the single owner of a Bernina 1130 that I purchased new from Bud in Anaheim back in the late 80's. Memory eternal Bud.


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