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Hello Everyone! I have been a member of QCA for over 2 years now. All of you have become an extended family. Even when my hands and writs hurt so bad I cannot type, I enjoy getting on QCA to see what everyone is up to.

My name is Joy and I'm 38 years young. I am married to the most wonderful and understanding man. (Dan is the one that finally pushed me to spend the money and join:)) While Dans' hobby is car restoration and spongebob; he totally supports my fabric addiction and love of quilting. I have 2 amazing sons, Shawn 19 and Buck 21. And one terrific daughter, Dusty. She is 23 and married to a great guy I am proud to call my son-in-law!  Buck is in the NC Army National Guard and going to college. Shawn just graduated from high school and is prepping to go into the Army.

I am a domestic engineer, or housewife. I became disabled shortly after loosing my dad late in 2009.

I began quilting after caring for my mom through 9 teary months with colon cancer. In 2007, when she lost her battle, I lost a part of myself. Depression set in and no medication or therapist was helping. I turned her room into my sewing room, (mom taught me to sew), and filled it with pictures of her and set her things about. I began quilting; as I pieced together quilt tops I felt mom there with me. Hour after hour and day after day, I sewed, and learned, and quilted, and began getting better. Somehow quilting made me better, made me dwell on the wonderful memories and not on the sadness of her death. When I'm having a bad day I can still go to my sewing room and feel her there with me lifting my spirits as I sew each stitch. I miss her so, but now try harder to remember all the gifts she shared with me during my lifetime, the blessings she bestowed, how she shaped me to be the person I am today.

To date I have made 25 quilts. I am starting to venture into quilted purses, wallets, wall hangings and the like.

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