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hi there from the emerald isle I love to quilt and have made lots of bed quilts at the moment I am qorking on daisy quilt and it is turning out great.  I am going to new york in sept?oct and would love to meet up with some folks who like myself enjoy quilting. I see that the city quilters shop in manhatten has some classes on. so mayby I could sit in on one or two while Im there. I also knit  lace christening shawls. in very thin wool from a very old 18th century pattern from shetland isles apparently this pattern has been used on christening shawls for the royal familys of europe I will post apicture of one on my site for you all to see. I am beoming more interested in art quilts espcialluy appligue I would love to hesre from other quilters who have the same interest in art quilting I attended the heritage quilkters show in philadelphia in april and was amazed at the art quilts so if any one knows of any shows on near new york when Im over it would be great

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