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When I quilt, I make sure my thread:
Matches the background fabric
Is variegated and matches the entire quilt
Matches a contrasting fabric
Matches a coordinating fabric
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Deborah » Bio

Deborah's Bio

The “road less traveled” is how I would describe my life and the patterns I create for Quilt Women.  My journey of showing/winning awards for quilting to developing patterns for side trips, (i.e. small projects to make at pit stops in-between the glorious full-sized projects offered by has led to this new destination in creativity.  A hiker, wilderness camper, and hunter of rocks and other Earth Art satisfies my gypsy spirit and a detail-oriented aspect of my make-up, as does quilting.  Future patterns will reflect visits to out-of-the-way, but accessible, places—an exploration of simple shapes and projects with my favorite “traveling companion” (textile designer)   Consider this your vehicle to ride along and stamp your “You Are Here” signature.  Hope you enjoy the trip.  Tickets, please!

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