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Marge Campbell's Bio

Hi everyone!

I'm Margie Campbell from Littlefield, TX.  Lon & I have been married 40 years (2008) & have three adult children: Corinna; Connie; Lon Jr.  We also have seven grandchildren: Keri; Kevin; Bobby; Emali; Miranda; Maureen; Trinity.


I learned to sew at about age 9 (machine, before that by hand).  I made my first quilt in 1969, just  before our oldest was born.  Simple 4" charm squares from old clothing.  I made many of my girls clothes over the years, but since 1987, it's been quilting and embroidery (hand & now machine)

My mom taught me to crochet (she could only do a single crochet), embroidery (cutwork, redwork, pulled work).  She used to make paper  roses every year to earn Christmas money...we loved helping her...and I helped her make some in 2004, just because she wanted to.   It was fun relearning the crepe paper process, dipping the finished roses in melted wax.  We made a doze or so...mostly me and my just couldn't keep up the process.  She became our inspector. 

I named my first longarm machine for her (Momma Machine is a 20+ year old Nustyle).  Momma machine is as stubborn as my mom was, and loves her coffee (oil).   I recently bought a Tin Lizzie18 LS & it's a great addition.  Lizzie let's me do all the freehand I want, and is not worried about all those thick seams..Momma machine was very picky.

We have lived in many places over the years, Los Angeles area, Northern California, Washington State, etc.  We now live in Texas, sold our Calif. home just before the market dropped...hubby needed a rest, and now this is our permanent home.  We are abour 35 miles North of Lubbock, TX. 


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