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When I quilt, I make sure my thread:
Matches the background fabric
Is variegated and matches the entire quilt
Matches a contrasting fabric
Matches a coordinating fabric
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mamie Sylvie » Bio

mamie Sylvie's Bio

I have been sewing since 12yrs old, my grandmother and my mother were always making something... a new dress, a new quilt, home decorations, etc. For me, it was a way to get new clothes and having something original. Later, when my daughter was born, boy did I make her tons of clothes, blankets, dresses gallore...for her graduation, designed and created her dress...for her wedding, made the bridesmaids dresses. Did have a small business for a while but soon discovered that it was a lot of work for not much in return so kept the sewing within family and friends. Now that I have grandchildren, I'm finding that I am making them quilts and I predict little dresses, halloween costumes. I've been using a Brother sewing machine, and just bought another one the NX450Q, giving me more space to quilt. The one thing I'm new with is the machine quilting, love the effect on the quilt and it saves so much time. My dream project is making an art quilt.

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