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Born in Germany to an unwed mom.  Adopted by her husband.  Came to this country through Ellis Island.  Found out I was adopted LATE in life--38.  My mom's stroke at 56 made her memory unreliable as far as contacting or trying to find out anything about my biological dad.  So if anyone out there knows a Tom Mix (could be Miscousa) with a brother named Adam who became a Catholic priest, let me know. She vaguely remembers the family lived in Chicago area.

I got into quilting after an auto accident with mild brain injury.  I have always been "addicted" to material since my mom taught me to sew.  I love the texture of cloth, patterns and colors.  If I am really stressed I do not have to buy anything.  I love just looking and imagining the possibilities and touching the cloth.  My wish is that my fat quarters were ounces of gold.  With this economy, this could be a windfall.  I have no daughters or grandchildren to pass on the legacy.  Perhaps a raffle of my quilt "estate" at the local quilt shop or web site could raise money for a charity?

FYI:  I teach Latin.  So usually 10 months of the year I have NO life.  The job is really 24/7.  When I can't get to a quit I pull weeds to calm me down.  Great therapy in dirt

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