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I grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, married a nice guy from Green Bay and now, 40 years later we're still together.  I made my first quilt in 1972 from Goodwill clothing and although it is a rag, my daughter, Carmen, won't get rid of it.  She still plans to put patches over some of the bad patches.  It wasn't until all five kids grew up that I actually had time and money enough to start quilting seriously.  I did make a few baby quilts for the kids, but nothing on the scale that I do now.  I have a good friend, Margaret, in Indiana that I sew with and we share the love of quilting and have made a few pilgrimages to Shipshewana and other far-flung quilt shops.  And I have a good friend, Lynn, in Sarasota that I sew with and we help each other with sewing and/or pinning our quilt sandwiches, etc.  We have met up with Margaret at a few quilt shops when we are all in Florida and like to go to the Original Quilt Expo together.  I have made Kaffe Fassett quilts, applique, large and small.  Whatever strikes my fancy is likely to be put in the queue.  I have a Hawaiian quilt in my future (the top is done, now to quilt it) and a large Tumbling Blocks to feature some very flashy fabrics.  I'll let you know how those go.

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