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I was just the average American Wife and Mom.  I was a teacher and before that a marketing specialist.  hen my world turned upside down.  On September 11, 2001, my second son was the youngest international bonds trader at Cantor Fitzgerald in the North Tower of the WTC.  By 9 am that morning, my life suddenly changed.  SOme very nice ladies cam to my home about two days later and gave Josh's brothers and sister hand made quilts.  My oldest was just 25, his brothers were 20, 16 (the next day) and our daughter was only 11.  Those quilts brought so much comfort.  No one really understood how this affected the young siblings of the victims.  Afterall, the parents were destroyed and these kids went back to school where whispers followed them that entire year.  None of their friends or even teachers really knew what to say.  Lucily our daughter was is a Jewish Day school where there were Israeli teachers who really did understand what terrorism did to siblings. to top it off, it was my husband's bookkeeper who was one of the \ persons in the Trenton area who got Anthrax.  After having to deal with FBI, medical examiners, crime personnel and everything else, the FBI had to come into his business and search for Anthrax.

I finally had to get out of my house.  I had a major injury from students fighting the previous January and needed more surgery.  Once I began to recover, I was encouraged to go out of my house.  Everything was so public that people actually turned and pointed at us even in the mall.  I went to a local quilt shop and began to sew again.  I had made a quilt or two years before and had smocked and constructed my daughter's dresses, but I really was a novice at the finer points of quilting.  What a welcoming group of ladies!  I joined a guild after 5 years on the waiting list!  I knew I had to give back for the quilting kindness to my children.  

I now quilt for my family and friends as well as charity.  It is my therapy ( as well as my still weekly sessions)  It helps me cope and try to recover myself from the pain.  The quilting and sewing communities truely have some of the kindest, nicest members!

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