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Janice Carole's Bio

Who am I?  That is difficult for some.  We tend to look for identity in what we do.  Even though those things shape us, they are not who we are.  My identiy is in Jesus Christ.  It is through Him that I live and exsist.  This does not make me judgemental, it makes me see people as I am; vuneralbe, carrying pain and hurts, in need of confirmation for a job well done, and knowing that life throws curves that only love can cover.  Now saying all that this is what i do, where i live and what has helped shape my life.   I love my job as a school bus driver.  This job allows for time to sew and play in the middle of my day.  I love embroidery, quilting, and knitting equally.  I have been married for 34 years to my  wonderful husband.  He is a pastor for Blue Ridge Community Church as well as a manager of Safety and Enviromental Specialist for Safeway.  I have 4 children ranging from ages 30 down to 20.   Altohugh I live part time where it snows, I do not like the snow except for the water it supplies our much needed terrain here in Arizona.  I like the heat which is why I work in Mesa.  The people in my life keep me humble and loved.  I have a cockatiel named Amos, who when he wants my attention will go to great lengths to get it.    I love this site for the help and inspiration it gives me.  I am blessed to have friends who share my world of creating through textiles. 

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