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When I quilt, I make sure my thread:
Matches the background fabric
Is variegated and matches the entire quilt
Matches a contrasting fabric
Matches a coordinating fabric
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Habel » Bio

Habel's Bio

I am a military spouse with two daughers and two grandsons.  My youngest girl is nine and has Autism.  Some days are really great and others really bad but they are our days and none the less special. My oldest girl is also a military spouse and is an awesome mom! Quilting is my outlet for stress along with pc games and reading.  I am a self taught quilter who is not afraid of using any kind of fabric. However, I am still a inept quilter. I got the piecing down, have really improved on accurate sizing but that guilting down still can screw me up! LOL! I just keep charging a head no matter what. Whatever mistakes made are obviously meet to be, I aways say. LOL.  I am having fun and that is what truly matters!

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