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I am a mother first...I have been mom since I graduated high school. I have 3 kids I gave birth to and 12 step kids. I have 23 grandkids and 5 great-grandkids.....if I knew being grammy was this much fun I would have jumped to it first. I had 3 lab pups that I was all content with until empty nest syndrome hit me. I then got 2 more from the local rescue. I now have total of 5 labs and all inside. I have to say there are days when I wonder what kind of crazy lady am I but most days I am glad I have each one of them. I have Mandy she is the first one...she is Mommy's protector. Katie is Mandy sister-litter mate but went with another family until he threatened to shoot her....So there was pup 2. She is the protector of the farm. Driving home seen sign lab pups.....stopped and Cinnamon became a member of the family. Gee my daughter had my other half wrapped around her finger. Then we have Cleopatra "Cleo" and Einstein they are the empty nest syndrome pups. I guess I should admit Mandy is 51/2 yrs old and the 2 are 1 yr old.....but they are still pups cause we not use the "d" word here. OK I know no one is interested in my babies but they are a huge part of my life. \

I started sewing at a young age and self taught myself alot. I had a older lady in church that taught me some basics and they worked for her...I remember crawling under her quilts and feeling so safe and protected. She was always hard on me but I love her for every talk I had to have with her and all the ones that were just cause I wanted to talk to her. I wish now I would have shown more interest in what she wanted me to learn but I was normal kid and knew too much. I have to say she still touches my heart every time I have a bad day I think of her warmth and those quilts that made me feel protected. I didn't have a bad childhood just a teen female....giggles I think they call em normal issues now that I am adult I see it but then it was horrid stuffs.

I have tried getting involved more with my quilting..but just scared to. I hate to say I am still beginner. I have not tried the new things and I have now stepped up and started at least looking at few harder things now. I know if I get in trouble I can get help here and not just stress in my own world. I have a DH that is supportive and actually enjoys fabric shopping. I think I heard Mandy other day say she wanted to go next time...giggles.

I am hoping that with this group I will get more courage to try more things. I look forward to the encouragement and giving me the lil shove I need some days. I have to say I thought I was getting just some where to look at few things but wow I am so glad I joined and its great and wonderful group and the info is never ending. I have been here hours and still no thru even the beginning of it all.......

OK I am gonna hush that you don't find out I jabber alot......giggles

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