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 Me, yes I'm a librarian and love it but really ready to retire mostly because of the politics and it has changed so much with internet and new media formats.  I'm 60 and hope to hold on till Dec 31, 2015 - so I have a date in mind and an end in sight.  DH is 62 and he's planning to retire from 7.5 yrs with state of OK in Dec 31, 2013.  He's also been retired from Air Force since 1991, so we've now been retired longer than he was in.  we met in the AF but I got out after 15 yrs so no retirement check for me, probably my biggest regret, sometimes!  

we've been married 41 years and have 3 children - Amy is a single 40 yr old mom of two - only granddaughter Crysta, 16 and our second grandson, Cody, 15. luckily, she lives about 2 miles from us as she has her hands full.  Our son, Corey, and his sweet wife live in Denver and they have our youngest grandsons, Oli is 3 and Nies is 1.  Our youngest daughter lives down the street and around the corner (about 7 houses from us) Keli and Andrew have 3 boys, Taylor will be 17 on Halloween and is a junior; Reily is 11, 6 th grade and Caiden is 7, 2nd grade.  they stay busy with sports.  

I'm originally from GA and DH was raised in CO. we met at Keesler AFB, MS, married and have lived near Rhine Mein, Germany for 3.5 years(1973-1976), then Great Falls, MT for 4 yrs; Omaha, NE for 2 yrs; Albuquerque, NM for 4 yrs and then in up in OK City since 1986.  A little tidbit about us that make some people gasp - my father has NEVER met my in-laws and probably never will, because of health conditions.  My mother met them once when she was with us on vacation.  

I've been sewing since age 10, started when I earned my sewing badge in Girl Scouts.  didn't start quilting till almost 15 years ago when a church friend talked me into a class at the high school and we made a t-shirt quilt. I've made 3 others since and about 30 quilts altogether. mostly, for relaxation and then have made a few for $$.  I like the mystery of cutting it up and then recreating something new.  

I have 4 machines but currently just using my little Brother for this MQ9.  also have a Baby Lock I bought 20 yrs ago.;then for my 60th bday this year, I bought a 1953 FW on eBay but need to get it serviced as it is not working.  also, have a Singer Genuine quilter I bought in Aug but it is messing up the tension so need it checked out. don't have anything fancy, as I' mostly a straight stitch gal but occasionally use a fancy stitch.  never tried embroidery besides what Mama taught me years ago.  I've embroidered, cross-stitched, crocheted, tried knitting but not for me; and love to read mysteries and do crossword puzzles.  

You know as I write that I realize what a contradiction I am - I love to read mysteries but don't like unknowns in my life.  I want to know what's going to happen!   I  had major back surgery in Sept - ruptured disc fixed from the front- have a 5 inch incision to the left of my belly button and then have an almost 7 inch incision on my back to left of my spine where he fixed two vertebrae that had stenosis, sciatic nerve being pinched. front incision has healed and doesn't hurt but that back one still gives me some pain.  that and not sleeping well - can't stay asleep!  should go back to using my CPaP unit for sleep apnea but hate having that thing on my face.  

well, that's me! Probably more than you wanted to know.  I always look at the bios but not everyone does one.  that's a shame cuz I want to know if we've ever been the same place at the same time!   


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