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From a child mind I had always been interested in design and have sewn all my life starting from a very young age I collected the brown paper from groceries that were wrapped in it and made a flour paste to assemble my creations and then I would wear these.  Later in life as I grew older I would go to the seamstress that lived across the street and ask her if I could learn to sew with her.  She would let me do hems by hand and I thought I died and went to heaven.  From her I learned the fine finishing that was required in sewing.  When I was 11 my parents immigrated to Canada from Malta.  Here I was able to have a Singer with the hand wind wheel, it was great, then I graduated to an old Singer treadle machine.  Wow I had both hands free to feed the fabric.  Eventually I was old enough to take home economics and I raced through it now creating my own clothing which my friends loved to trade with me as it was different than store bought.  A few years ago I bought a top of the line Janome 11000 Special Edition, the dream of my life and now I sew more like a pro creating embroidery, designs and more!  Four years ago I decided to learn how to quilt and I have not stopped yet!  I love anything to do with fabric.  Now I am also learning felting, dying etc. The world of knowledge is such a wonderful place!

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