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Update:  As of March 2011 I am now the proud owner of a HQ Fusion Long arm quilting machine with Pro-stitcher.  I am so enjoying the growth I am experiencing  learning how to machine quilt.  I have been so pleased with the HQ machine and expecially the service directly from the company.  Loving life. 

Jan 2011.  I am a mother of 5. Grandmother to 7. In my previous (to quilting) life I owned and operated a wholesale children's clothing manufacturing and retail children's clothing shop for 21 years. I have been quilting since my daughter insisted 4 years ago that her firstborn needed a handmade quilt from her Nana.  This started my love of quilting. So far I have made 12 quilts and am loving every minute of it. Quilting saved my sanity when I experienced back pain which finally necessitated surgery, because even though it hurt to sit, the creative fulfillment took my mind off the pain.  Just prior to surgery last September,  I finally convinced my husband that "having given my all to a "sewing" business which supported our family for 21 years,  I thought I deserved a nice sewing room.  During my business life I was very blessed to be able to utilize my designer's skills to accomplish the projects that were needed such as bridesmaids dresses and wedding decor etc.. (for two daughters and a son).  Now that I am retired and wanting to quilt the laundry room just isn't cutting it as my own sewing haven.   I am so excited that I am getting to the point where I can sit for longer than 30 minutes and plan to make great use of this room.

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