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I guess it's about time I do my bio. My real name is Debbi Mueller. I'm also a singer/entertainer and go by the stage name of "Little Debbi". I didn't pick it, I think my audience gave me that name because I'm small boned and only 5'4" tall.(I used to be skinny! Waaa!) About 6 years ago, I found myself in a nursing home and in a wheelchair. Finally, a diagnosis after years of bouncing from one ER to another, trying to find a doc who would help me, rather just assume I was a 'drug seeker'. I had "Spinal Stenosis", a narrowing of the spinal column and progressive. I also found out that I had Parkinson's Disease, although I'm not sure I agree with that one. I have no symptoms other than my legs going dead on me occassionally. Anyway, it was a tough pill to swallow. Knowing that I could no longer work, was delegated to being at home 24/7 and knowing I'll have to be on pain meds for the rest of my life. Not to mention knowing that eventually the wheelchair will be a more permanent fixture in my life. I decided I could either feel sorry for myself or get well enough to go home and learn some hobbies! The nursing home that I was in gave me my start in the entertainment world and before long, I was doing shows there once a month as well as a few other nursing homes. I also started getting better gigs as well. I found it was the only time I didn't hurt and didn't need my chair, either! When I got home I promptly learned how to use the computer and went on-line! I got into painting with acryllics, crochet and knitting, jewlry making and now quilting. I think next to singing,quilting is my fav. It challenges my brain and that feels good. When I was growing up, my mom tried to teach me many of these things, but I hated it! She would die of laughter if she knew I was sewing now! I have 2 kids and a grandaughter. A wonderful husband, who is my soul-mate and 2 boy kitties. Even though I have my struggles, I must say that I'm content. I have my family and somewhat my health. Life is good and Jesus is my savior! What more could I ask?
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