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Born and raised in Upstate NY, I was the 4th of 5 children. In the fall of 1980 at the age of 7, my younger brother and I were to stay at our Grandparents log cabin in the woods just outside a small town called Wellsville, NY.

There wasn't much to do up in the woods being 5 miles from town. There were always chores to be done, but Grandpa Harold always made them fun. He had lots of things to do and all his grandchildren loved to work right along side him. Two things that needed to be done daily were chopping wood for the potbelly stove and collecting the sap from the surrounding trees for homemade maple syrup. Grandpa would spend his afternoons cooking down the sap and puttering around in his workshop. His evenings were spent handcrafting baseball bat fiddles from scratch.

Grandma Ginny loved to cook, bake and handcraft. There were always cookies and pies and the smell of fresh, warm baking powder biscuits in the kitchen. If you came to visit Ginny, you were gonna sit, talk and eat!

It was on this stay in the log cabin that I was taught many of the things I would take with me through life. One snowy afternoon, Grandma and I were sitting by the wood stove talking and chatting about the family. I watched as Grandma worked vigorously stitching pieces of fabric together. Watching her with the needle and thread and how the item grew by every stitch. I was amazed and asked how she knew how to sew so fast. Grandma chortled and said, "It just comes natural." At the same time she reached around her big comfy chair and grabbed a bag of square cut materials and handed it to me with a needle and spool of thread. She said to Shari, "There, now you have something to do with your hands and we can finish this project twice as fast".

In astonishment, I looked at the bag of material, looked at Grandma, looked back at the bag, shrugged my shoulders and started sorting and laying out the fabric to create the same pattern. There was some trial and error...but I got it and found that I loved it. Grandma was very pleased and in the next couple of days, we put the entire quilt top together. 

When we completed the quilt, Grandma showed me how to hand embroid a label for the beautiful piece.  Low and behold, this was the first quilt and first embroidery that I ever laid my hands on. Grandma was right, it does come natural.

I still has that first quilt that Grandma and I made, tucked away in a trunk with all the memories of that first stay at Grandma and Grandpa's Log Cabin.

Over the years, I have fine tuned my Embroidery and Quilting skills and tried my hand at many crafts. Cross Stitch, NeedlePoint, Crocheting, Drawing, Stenciling, Wood Burning and most recently Leather Carving are among my favorite.

I take great pride in helping my customers and I love when their items come to life and they are able to share them with others. Helping others is very important to me and my family. We are very much a part of our community and I am the President of the Rochester Area Quilts For Kids Organization. QFK is a Non-Profit Organization that transforms scrap materials into patchwork quilts that comfort children in need.

Since that visit to her Grandparents Log Home, I have taken the skills I possess and my life's passions and combined them into an ever growing business that is run by myself, my husband and my family. The business keeps us on the home front most of the time but we  very often travel around the country at various Quilting Bazaars and Shows with 2 of our 12 embroidery machines...dubbed "the traveling duo". I have earned many Awards, Certificates, Ribbons and letters of praise for the items I create. The real reward, for me, comes in the creation of an item and the happiness of my customer.

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