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Shalom, Eh!

I'm Alexis, a 29 year-old American-Canadian duel citizen (first gen American born, became Canadian because of my Canuck parents).  I'm an artist  who dabbles in all things creative; drawing, scratch-art, painting, beading/beadpoint, needlepoint, cross-stitch, dancing, chatting (and anything else you can think of!)  Two 'accidents' six years ago broke two, yes two almost brand new sewing machines. I lost not only $750 in hardware that were great deals, saving me $600 in discounts, but the college program I had signed up for and had to pay $800,  all the books (I love craft books almost as much as I adore piggies), materials, supplies, and notions I had collected when I started my plan to learn all I could about the art of sewing, and quilting. 

Being a brittle diabetic with a tummy complication that has made me diabled far younger than I ever imagined, I never could give up my dream and my huge supply and fabric stash since I HAD to find a creative outlet that could be used, sold, and gifted.  I wanted to use quilting to push me into a new creative realm that I only discovered recently. 

My formal art training has also given me the added goal of making amazing Art out of crafts like quilting, making a painting with nothing more than cotton and bamboo.  I unusually discovered my mis-mash of arts and crafts techniques  from my late 'tubby' daddy mostly (nothing like a 300 lb man cross-stitching and creating woven art on the couch with a tobbacco pipe hanging out of the side of his mouth to make you rethink what you thought you knew about crafts and talent!)  He made original pieces based off of his interests (architecture/engineering from his career, and Eye tricking designs that he turned into graphic eye toys in square boxes that could have EASILY turned into quilting art.  After losing him in 2012, and horrifically not being able to go to his funeral because I was ill in the hospital, I knew I HAD to create crafts that transform into the realm of art, just like him.  I knew right away it was time to get my third, far better style sewing machine from Janome.

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