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I think I was born with a needle in my hand as I can never remember not knowing how to sew.  I love fabric and love cutting it up and putting it back together in a different way.  It is a ton of fun for me...I love learning new ideas and can't wait till my next magazine comes so I can see what is new.

I am happily married to my wonderful husband and we have one son.  He has a wonderful wife and 2 lovely children. with one on the way.. my wonderful Grandchildren... Echo and Reese.   I have tons of fun making quilts for all these wonderful kids... miss them a great deal and wish they would quit growing up.

I am a Quiltoholic and have meetings for this wonderful illness.  I am contagious so if you don't want to catch this disease you should stay away from me.  teehee  One of the greatest thing that the Lord did for me was to introduce me to the quilting world.  It has been such a help to me over the past few years - taught me patience.  I was an Air Traffic Controller with the USAF and contracted an illness which developed into Rheumatoid arthritis and a few other debilitating diseases - so after 21 years of being a go go go person I had to learn to slow way down... i was not sure this was possible but due to quilting it has enabled me to feel like I was still productive in this world. 

I am very grateful to Jodie Davis for taking her dream of having quilting on the internet and making it a possibilty.  I am so thankful to her for making it possible for me to meet all the wonderful ladies I have met here on QCA.  Without her stubborness that quilting would be great in this media I would be still lost and alone. 

So that is my story... and as I said be careful - I am contagious with Quiltoholism...teehee

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