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Snowbird Quilter's Bio

I'm a warm weather gardner and a cool weather quilter. 

I'm a pastel kind of gal, but have yet to make myself or anyone else a pastel quilt.  I don't care for batiks, but I've used a lot of them.  I like fine cotton quilting fabrics and I'm inclined to use the same manufactures, like Timeless Treasurers,  Northcott, Maywood etc.  The Red Rooster fabrics are a looser weave, but I've used them too.  I mostly quilt when I'm in Arizona at the kitchen table, or on our Quilting Thurdays at the hall.  In Oregon I have a quilting room and in the early spring before the weather warms and fall when the weather cools I spend a good deal of time sewing there. We have a very small group that meet once a week at our Senior Center, so I do sew once a week in the summer.

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