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Nana Duck's Bio

Strange as it may seem, I've yet to make my first quilt.  Oh....I have a shelf full of quilting books, magazines, and lots of patterns (all in good company up there with my cloth doll books and patterns.)  Just no quilt yet.  As a cloth dollmaker, my search for supplies leads me into the "beautiful land of the quilters"...and you really ARE a friendly bunch!

I've enjoyed sewing since my late teens.  After marriage, home dec sewing was lots of fun!  Then pregnancy brought in some serious clothes sewing.    And as my children grew, I made probably 50% of their military uniforms for local plays, dance recital costumes, church program costumes, even prom dresses and a wedding gown. Then came the grandgirls...and I learned to do Heirloom Sewing for their Dedication Gown Sets (What FUN!---still Love to Smock!)  All the while, I made and sold cloth (play) dolls through a local Jurried Craft Guild and several local Gallerys. And I Know that One Day I will set aside the time needed to make that first quilt.  Since both my grandgirls (ages 7 and 9) are enjoying learning to sew, knit, and other needlecrafts, Quilting is definitely in our future.  Right now, I'm very interested in small doll quilts---especially of the Civil War and Colonial eras. (Both girls enjoy the history element of their American Girl Dolls)

So here I am...ready to be inspired by what already seems to be a great group of folks :o)  - - -

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