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Fay West's Bio

Product of My Environment

Growing up in the desert southwest and having pride in my Spanish and Native American heritage has influenced what I make and the style of the finished product.
As a child, I would follow my dad to his work shop and watch in amazement as he created, invented, designed and repaired everything from machines to jewelry. As a result, my love for working with my hands was instilled in me.
My mother sold gifts and jewelry from coast to coast most of my life, and continues to make her mark in the community she lives in with a boutique that shines above the others. She taught me how to sell, market and make an impression.
With these influences in my life, it was a given that something would stick. So with a loving and supportive husband, I am able to devote any extra time doing the things I love the most including Metal Work, Leather Crafts, Mosaics and Sewing.

I'm an Artisan that LOVES QUILTS. My designs include a Mini Quilt Jewelry Line.



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