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Lois M Dow's Bio

I live in South Carolina and have for the past few years… nothing like living at the beach… I started quilting back in 1979…, I took my first quilting class it was to make a Pineapple lap quilt…  This class was a real learning experience for me as it taught me how to use the cutter, mat, and the ¼ inch seam… I had put a post it pad pages on my machine so that I would have the ¼ inch seam…, but the first quilt didn’t have the seams all the same and then when I put the blocks together instead of them being 8 inches they were 9 ½ inches so my lap quilt was larger than all the others in the class but it still came out okay I just had to readjust the sizes… the teacher was the one who help me do that and then when I learn that from her I passed it all on the everyone else… Heck when we all first start quilting we all learn the seam is one of the most important part along with cutting… Always make sure you cut straight... And the lines on the ruler and mat are your guide lines….It was a great class learn a lot and never stop since. Then I took another class to make a Trip Around the World and I made a king size… I took the class and she had short cuts to make this quilt and I have passed them one to everyone… I taught I have taught young and old to quilt. I taught a friends daughter how to quilt and she was only 8… she learn things really quickly and she had so many questions for me she keep me on my toes…


I love to help people especially when they are having a hard time.. One summer I taught my friend how to quilt. She had a pattern pick out and it wasn’t strip piecing like I like to do so I converted it to strip… She was like can you really do that?… and we did I got her so involed in quilting that summer we would go on trips to find fabric… I had so much stash that summer. Back then I lived in a fifth wheel so I really didn’t have many places to put it but under  the booth in the dinette… I used to go between Myrtle Beach SC in the winter and Dover Foxcroft ME in the summer… I would teach just about every summer while in Maine I did a class on teaching Bethany Reynolds Stack n Whack… They all love that class as everyone was so amazed that the Kaleidoscopes would be so different and not one would match… When I told them to purchase their fabric I told them to get the wildest print that they could and one lady actually bought a fabric that was printed like a quilt top and it was so awesome when she made her quilt..  Over the years I help a lot of people who are now quilters like all of you. I am proud to say that a person that learns to quilt is one that had patience’s and loves to express her or his feeling in the quilt.



I started this website to help other learn and get ideas so that they can enjoy quilting like I and so many others do…. It will be a place for people to come and voice their opinions and questions and I will try to answer all and if I can’t I will find the answers…  I am going to have a blog and I also want to have a membership and with that you will receive a surprise each month… Not going to tell you what but I promise you will love it… 

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