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Maggie aka Grandma Sunshine's Bio

I love to sew, quilt and collect fabric. In my spare time I like to take quilting classes and socialize at my favorite quilt shop. When the weather is nice I'm usually on the back of our Harley or in my garden.  I had to laugh when my bass fishing, motorcycle riding, computer junkie husband said his hobbies were very expensive and sewing/quilting could never even compete with the cost of his hobbies. He had to eat his words when he realized it took three hobbies to compete with the cost of my one hobby!

I have two wonderful sons, two great daughter-in-laws, two beautiful granddaughters, a party girl step-daughter and a special needs step-son.  Life is always interesting!  My current picture is me and my youngest son at his wedding in July 2012. I made my dress and the flower girl dresses for my spirited granddaughters.

I love to spend time sewing with my mother. We live four hours apart so we get together about once a month. I learned to sew at a very young age. My maternal grandmother was a professional seamstress so it came naturally in my family. I remember watching my paternal grandmother make her swimsuit on a treadle singer sewing machine (which I got when she passed on). I also got my maternal grandmother's Universal sewing machine.

I am looking forward to teaching my granddaughters to sew and spending many enjoyable hours with them while they learn.  When I retire (if I ever reach that point) I plan on spending my time on my hobby. 

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