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 In my world of retirement and moving from our home of 29 years to a new house a few years ago, I looked about in silence, wondering what in the world I would do without the commotion of going to the office every day. At first I hated it, contrary to my retired DH who loved it. But having sewn since the age of six, I oiled up my old sewing machine and decided to get creative. I purchased formals from second-hand shops and salvaged the lace, satin and velvet and then began sewing Barbie doll clothes with those fabrics. The dolls (also second-hand) were cleaned and some given a perm to their hair with a curling iron. Certainly the fun part was dressing the dolls in my personally designed garments. Of course, the big reward was knowing the dolls were being given by a charity group to homeless families. However within a year, I found that sewing those tiny seams in Barbie doll clothes was not kind to my arthritic hands. But my creative desire continued and the saying that when one door closes, another opens certainly came true for me. I met a coordinator for an organization that donates homemade blankets to children in hospitals. The donated washable covers range in sizes from preemie to youth patients and can be knitted, crocheted or quilted. After researching the national organization Project Linus, I began machine quilting and donating most of my work to this organization. As with the above Barbie Doll project, I understand privacy requirements in today¬ís society, but again, a sad part of this project is one does not get to see the children accept their blanket. Deep within my heart, however, I feel their comfort of cuddling something soft at a time when they hurt. Perhaps the fabrics I incorporate into the quilts (designs with animals, flowers and abstracts) can provide the children a brief moment of distraction from their illnesses.

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