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I am 48 yrs old.. I bought my first simple sewing machine Christmas of 2012 and decided quickly that I wanted more than just a sewing machine.  So I wound up with a Pfaff  Creative Performance with the embroidery attachment.  I really call myself new at sewing unless you want to count that I made a quilt for my Son some 20 years ago before there was YouTube to learn from and I made my own maternity dress when I was pregnant with him about 29yrs ago.  :)  I wish I had those dresses today to look at.  My Son still has his quilt.  I absolutely had no idea what I was doing, but it was warm and cuddly with a big o' Tootle the train stitched on the best way I knew how.  So here I am some 20 yrs later wanting to learn everything I can.  I have a full time job so that kind of gets in the way of learning as much as I want to.  But we must pay the Bills.  Maybe one day I will be good enough I can make a living quilting..  Oh well, it's a thought.  I have so many questions about how to do things..  I thought that joining "Quilters Club of America" would get me going with all the answers that I have been looking for.  And I am sure there are alot that have not even been thought of yet.  I think I have enjoyed this part of my personal life more than any other part.  I look forward to making new quilting friends and learning from you all.  BTW.... I have a new grandbaby, he is my first.. Yippie!  

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