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Candace Weiss's Bio

 Mother of two 20 something great guys, happily married these last 26 years to a sweetheart, Mark. 

Love to read, paint water colors, and draw a little. Sometimes, I enjoy writing short stories that myself just has to get written, but lately I've enjoyed piecing and machine quilting. I can't seem to stop! LOL

I have recently taken up jog/walking. I walk fast to a sidewalk line and run to the next one or two; seems to be helping me keep my blood pressure down. Now, if I could only keep my fabric in check! 

  I have a three-days a week job and I drive over 2 hours to get there, so I listen to audio books, which I have started loving. I get to stay at a sweet sister in laws' house when work is done for the evening-she is putting in a sewing area just for me in her guest room-so exciting! I miss sewing in the evenings during my three days work. 

  I have been sewing and quilting for only three years, and am looking forward to learning more skills! 

   Take care!! 






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