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Cheryl Matthews 's Bio

Hi my name is Cheryl Matthews.  I have been "real" quilting for a year now.  I say "real" because I have dabbled in it years past.  My grandma showed me some stitching when I was a kid and I was interested then, but too much going on at the time.  After married and kids again dabbled in quilting, crotched, knitting, crafts and making my clothes and my kids.  Now retired because of disability, I'm quilting full time and loving it.  I just wish I had more fabric to make the quilts that I want to.  I have made two quilts and two laps.  The very first quilt I made, I donated it to Butler County Search and Rescue to raffle off.  The SAR was needing some money so I donated the quilt.  It brought a little over a $1000.00 dollars.  I was so excited and sad at the same time.  So I'm hoping that I have enough scraps left over to do another one.  The second one I made is huge. It's called My Stars out of a book Thimbberries guide for weekend quilters.  I really like this book it's by Lynette Jensen. I have one of the wall hangings cut out to complete. Both of these quilts are red, white and blue. So I had to change up my colors when I did the lap quilts. I made them both off of Villa Rosa Designs cards.  The first lap I used fabrics from Connecting Threads and the other I picked up fabric from a local fabric store.  Their both very cute.  I am wanting to make a quilt out of Micheal Miller's Fairy Frost, this fabric is so pretty and I have just the right pattern for it.  That will be awesome.  Well I am looking forward to chatting with you and learning how to work the web site, blogs and all.  This is very new to me.  So correct me if I do something wrong and I will try and fix it.

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