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I have been sewing since I was about 5 years old.  My first experiences were at my Grandmother's house where I was taught to sew on a sewing machine that had the knee control.  Later I sewed during my school years on my mother's Singer Featherweight machine. I made a LOT of my clothing during high school and college.  I finally bought my own first sewing machine when I moved into my first apartment after college.  It was a Kenmore... didn't do much but it had a zig zag which the Featherweight didn't have.

After marriage and a couple of kids I did quite a bit of sewing for the kids and for our various homes.  

I recently decided to "upscale" my sewing machine and bought a Brother SE400 that had the embroidery feature.  I still haven't master that...  it doesn't like me very much.  Then after a year of fighting that machine I really jumped and bought a Janome Marie Osmond MO200 Quilter's companion.  So far I love it! 

With the new machine comes a renewed interest in quilting!

I started quilting back in the 70s when I was visiting cousin's up in New Brunswick, Canada.  Quilting seemed to just be a normal part of life there. When I returned home after that visit I took some classes and starting quilting in earnest.  In those days I thought you must make the whole quilt by hand and I did several.... but finally realized, that if I wanted anymore done in this lifetime I had to break down and admit machine sewing and quilting was o.k.  As my cousin said, if those ladies in the early days had had a machine they would never have made them with hand sewing!




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