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I made my first quilt during the Blizzard of '77, when I lived in northern New York state.  We were snowed in for a week, I was 15 y.o. and bored, so I made a cardboard template and cut squares out of leftover sewing fabric that my mom had sitting around and I sewed them together into a quilt.  I had previously helped my mom and grandma tie off their quilts, but had never sewn any of my own.  I still have that quilt, albeit a bit worn in places.  It is funny to look at that quilt and see squares of fabric from clothing that I used to wear!

In 2004, I took the Starting from Scratch quilting class at and made my second qult.  That quilt is still a top - I have never quilted it.  Now that my husband has gifted me with a longarm quilting machine, I will be quilting it ASAP - in fact, I loaded it onto the quilting frame the other day and am just waiting for the pantograph pattern to arrive so that I can quilt it.  Since that quilt, I have made several others, but hated quilting them on my regular machine, so they only have stitch in the ditch quilting on them (or, they are still just tops!). 

We moved to our current house in July of 2008.  It is a house that we designed and had built for us and I made sure that it has a good-sized quilting/craft studio in it.  :-D   My husband commented the other day that it looked like one section of my studio had been designed to hold the longarm machine.  Really???  (Well, one of us knew back in the house design stage what a longarm quilting machine was, and how large they are!)

I also make purses, knit, dabble in jewelry making and scrapbooking and cardmaking, plus a bunch of other crafty pastimes. 

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