Base Ten rods-not PinMoors but they work.

posted by Grannyto8boys
Thu, Feb 6 2014

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It took forever to upload this one pic of the Base ten rods I have.  Search the internet for Base Ten rods (Math manipulatives).  I found many places that sell them.  BE SURE to get the FOAM ones that are green and not the wooden or plastic ones.

 They were developed by a man named George Cuisanaire. ( I think).  The orignal rods we used to get were called Cuisanaire but now they are just called Base ten rods (made in Taiwan).  I found them from $3.99 to way over $20.00.  If you like them wide get the 100 rod size and cut them any size you want.  Like I said, I use the Base ten and cut them in thirds, to help protect my fingers a bit better. I put the pins in long ways.

 I hope you try them and I hope they work for you.


Kitcynjoy wrote re: Base Ten rods-not PinMoors but they work.
on Wed, Mar 26 2014 10:30 AM

I will have to try these.  Right now I am using silicone pieces that I make myself.  I use silicone bath sealant.  Make lines of sealant on an old piece of plastic and let dry for 4 days.  Cut the pieces into whatever lengths you want.  I used the small tube that you can squeeze yourself.  If you use the big caulk like tube it would be cheaper but you must use a caulking gun.

You can make 60 thick 1/2 inch pieces for $2.50 using the small tube.  It would be half that much to buy a large tube.

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