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posted by Terri Deweber
Wed, Feb 5 2014

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Terri Deweber wrote re: Sweat Shirt Jackets
on Wed, Feb 5 2014 12:08 PM

One more of my design Sweat Shirt Jackets

Liz wrote re: Sweat Shirt Jackets
on Thu, Feb 6 2014 2:25 PM

Love your jackets. Do you know if they could be made on a heavy weight L/S tee? I live in Florida and think the sweatshirt base would be to heavy.

Sandi wrote re: Sweat Shirt Jackets
on Sun, Feb 16 2014 7:02 PM

Where do we get the pattern??

Grada Lamb wrote re: Sweat Shirt Jackets
on Mon, Feb 17 2014 11:31 AM

Terry like most if the comments where did you get the pattern or instructions, I just love this

Sue Hall wrote re: Sweat Shirt Jackets
on Fri, Apr 25 2014 7:37 AM

I too love this jacket & would love to have the pattern.  Is there a pattern or book that can be purchased?

nevaj wrote re: Sweat Shirt Jackets
on Wed, Apr 30 2014 9:29 AM

Love this is there a pattern ? and where can one get one??

Sandi wrote re: Sweat Shirt Jackets
on Thu, Sep 25 2014 3:56 PM

Did anyone ever find out where one can purchase this pattern, does terry have a website??

It would be nice if that information was posted when the picture of the item was originally posted.

Is there a moderator for this site that could get that information??

Terri Deweber wrote re: Sweat Shirt Jackets
on Mon, Nov 9 2015 10:19 AM

To all who commented on my sweatshirt jackets, I am sorry for the no reply. I got busy on other projects and have not been here in some time. I don't know if this comment is in the right place or not, but here goes. I looked up online and saw a jacket called "abstract jacket". I liked it and ordered the instructions. I could not make it work. I have a hard time with comprehending instructions. Sooooo, I made it the way it looked to me. I made over 100 of these. I gave about 1/2 of them away to family and friends and sold the other half. I am very proud of them but also got tired of them. I still get calls from people saying they know someone that has one of my jackets and are wondering if I can make them one also. NO, I am taking a break from them, but one day may go back and do more.

Here are my simple instructions. I will try and put pictures up later or a video to make it easier to understand.

1.Buy a sweatshirt 1 size bigger than you wear!! if you are a ladies (L) then buy a men's (XL) VERY IMPORTANT!

2.Cut off all bands around the neck, sleeve cuffs, bottom of shirt as close to the seam as possible

3. cut out sleeves and mark which one is Left and which one is Right (IMPORTANT) I marked with chalk on wrong side of fabric.

4.Also cut the long seam going down the sleeve to open up the sleeve.

5. Now, cut the side seams of the jacket to separate the front from the back

6. Cut the shoulder seam at the top also. You should now have a total of 4 pieces (Front, Back, 2 sleeves)

7. Now, I mark each piece so that I know where to start and stop sewing. The pieces in each section of shirt are slanted in a different direction. This helps me to be able to sew and not worry about where that might be.

    From the Left side of the front piece (up close to the armpit) is where I start a chalk line at the angle pleasing to my eye down to about the middle of the right side of the shirt.

    Now, draw a second line about 2 to 2 1/2 inches under the first line on the left side and end it about 1 inch or so under the first line on the right side of the shirt. in  other words, the right side will NOT be as wide as the left side. it will look more like a wedge.

email me at tdeweber@swbell.net if questions or you can call me at 903-436-1989.

Terri Deweber wrote re: Sweat Shirt Jackets
on Mon, Nov 9 2015 11:02 AM

8. now, go to the top right side of the shirt (Right side when you are facing it) and start to draw a chalk line from the top of the shoulder down to the CENTER line of the jacket at an angle that looks pleasing to you.

Draw another line under that one about 1 1/2 inch to 2 inches at the top and bring the lines closer together at the bottom about 1 inch or so. (Just so that is is smaller in width at the center of the jacket than at the top where line started)

There are now 3 sewing sections in the front of the shirt.

choose the colors of the fabric of the shirt. I cut about 25 strips of each fabric about 2 1/2 inches wides (you don't have to measure. the strips can be different sizes) and cut them about 18-24 inches long or you will end up having to piece some out to extend later.

As you see in my pictures of the jackets, I just lay the strip over the lines I have drawn about 1/2 inch or so and sew right on top of the fabric. I use the zigzag stitch that matches the color of the sweatshirt so that the seams look nice on the inside of the jacket.

start with the top left section and sew strips diagonally (in line with the lines marked going across the jacket. Sew across the center of the jacket until you get to the mark coming down to the center from the other side. This is your stopping point, but make sure you go over the line about 1/4-1/2 inch before stopping. I turn under about 1/4-1/2 inch of fabric and stitch it on top of the previous strip. keep this up until you finish this section. Trim off the excess length pieces to use somewhere later and save.

9. Sew strips in each section a different direction than the previous section. Complete each section with strips.

10. Turn the piece over and measure to find the middle and mark a line from top to bottom. Then CUT front section in half. Be Sure and mark the Right Side and The Left Side. Very important if it is going to turn out right.

Put front piece away for now

start on the back of shirt. REPEAT STEP 7, paragraph 2-3 and REPEAT STEP 8.

Now lets sew strips just like we did on the front of the shirt by turning under and top stitching into place with a zig zag stitch. one strip on top of another strip until each section is completed. Then put away and do the sleeves in the same manner.

10. Mark the sleeves with 2 chalk lines about 1 1/2 - 2 inches wide about third way down the sleeve and another 2 chalk lines about 1 1/2 inch to 2 inch wide about 2 thirds down the sleeve. Mark one set of lines going slightly uphill and the other side slightly down hill.(my preference, it does not really matter)

Now start sewing strips just like we've done previously until each section is complete. BE SURE TO SLANT THE STRIPS OPPOSITE FROM THE PREVIOUS SECTION FOR A MORE INTERESTING LOOK.

10. after all sections are covered, (front, back, and both sleeves) you will cut some strips about 4-5 inches in width and place over where the chalk lines were drawn and sew them down covering all the ends of the strips. I press my fabric under and lay in place and pin it before sewing. I found it actually saves time in the long run to do this. I always choose these strips to be the color of the inside of the jacket so that my zig zag stitches don't show so much.

We are getting closer. It should be beginning to look like a jacket. Wooooo Whooooo.

Terri Deweber wrote re: Sweat Shirt Jackets
on Mon, Nov 9 2015 11:15 AM

Also in step 10 above I make the Right side of the strip more narrow than the left side of the strip on these focal dividers.

Now, if the jacket is too short and (it probably will be) we will add a border.

I cut a strip long enough to cover from one side of the jacket to the other and I cut it about 3-4 inches wide. You will need 4 of these. two for the back and two for the front.

You will need a piece of scrap sweat shirt fabric. I use old sweat shirts from goodwill that I have washed and dried. the color does not have to match since you will be covering both sides of it. If you prefer not to cover both sides you will need to use the same color sweat shirt so that it will match the inside of your jacket.

Once all the cutting is done, lay strip down with WRONG SIDE FACING UP then lay the piece of sweatshirt on top of it. Now place the other strip on top of the sweatshirt strip and PLACE IT WITH RIGHT SIDE FACING UP.

Terri Deweber wrote re: Sweat Shirt Jackets
on Mon, Nov 9 2015 11:46 AM

Continued from above:

Pin together all three pieces and sew it to the jacket. Make as small a seam as possible because you will be covering it later.

Once you have attached the border to the bottom of jacket press it down to make it lay as flat as possible.

I only cover the border on both side so that I can cover the seam on the inside of the jacket. I am not really experienced at sewing so I just figure it out the best I can. Someone that knows more than me might be able to tell you a better way to put this border on and cover the seams. This is hard for me because of the thicknesses of the fabric when putting the jacket together. NOT FUN! You might want to have extra needles on hand.

When front, back and sleeves are covered with strips and the front piece has been cut in half from neckline to hemline and the border has been attached to hemline, you are now ready to sew the front to the back at shoulder seams.

pin your LEFT sleeve into the left side of your jacket. Place right sides of fabric together and pin at each end and at the middle. Work the rest in as best as you can. Sweatshirts are thrown together and sometimes don't match up. you have to make it work somehow. Once it is pinned, sew all the way from one side to other of sleeve a little at a time so as not to get puckers sewn into the jacket.

Do this for the RIGHT sleeve also.

Now lay flat right sides together and pin from sleeve hemline to bottom of jacket on both sides and sew the underarm and sideseams together. DO NOT sew the last 12 inches or so on the sleeve. Leave this open so that you can put on the trim later.

When finished, sew you trim of choice all the way around the edges of the jacket. I used 1/4 inch double bias tape.

I hope I got all the steps typed in. If something does not seem right give me a call at 903-436-1989 and leave me a message or email me at tdeweber@swbell.net. I will be glad to help you in any way I can.

Thank you for liking the jackets and I hope you enjoying making yours.

Terri Deweber

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