double wedding ring quilt

posted by Terri Deweber
Tue, Feb 4 2014

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This was my very first quilt. While going through my mother-in-laws things in her room at my house after she passed away in October 2008, I found the beginnings of a double wedding ring quilt. She had made one for all of her kids, nieces, and nephews except for Phillip. She wanted us all to have one of her quilts. I could not stand the fact that she was unable to finish his, so I decided that I would take on this project.

 I had one that she had made me, so I laid it out on the bed to see what pieces went where. I could not find any instructions as she did everything in her head. I used her homemade pattern pieces and began.

There were many days that I thought I had bitten off more than I could chew. I had never sewn before, but always wanted to (lack of time - work, family, activities, church kept me from it). Well, here goes whatever it takes to make this quilt. I'm not much, but I'm not a quitter. I stopped and started many times on this project before I finally finished it.I did not do the quilting part. I had that done, but was so fascinated by it all I bought me an old machine quilting frame and machine off of craigslist to play with. I have not done much with it yet, but I am learning.

I was pleased with the results from all the hard work that I had put into it. Now I am hooked on piecing quilts and hopefully soon quilting them as well.


Terri Deweber wrote re: double wedding ring quilt
on Tue, Feb 4 2014 4:37 AM

My first quilt was this double wedding ring. Quite a choice, but the story is posted above. I hope this will inspire someone else to quilt. If I can do it, anyone can. It just takes the desire and great motivation. I had both and I am not a quitter. Although, I did have days I thought about quitting. I was so glad that I did not. Now I am hooked on piecing quilts and soon hopefully quilting them as well.

MNnancy wrote re: double wedding ring quilt
on Tue, Feb 4 2014 10:49 AM

Beautiful, Terri!  And thanks for sharing the story behind the quilt.

MaggieNae wrote re: double wedding ring quilt
on Tue, Feb 4 2014 12:42 PM

That's a wonderful story.  I'm glad you stuck with it.  Let's see what other difficult projects can you take on next.  Looks like you can do anything you set your mind to.

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